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Winter Dress up Games For Girls

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-17
Some people don't closely associate wintertime with fashion. But it can be the most fashionable time of the year. Functional clothing items, such as scarves and ear muffs, keep you warm, but can also make big fashion statements. Many online dress up games with winter themes highlight the fashion elements of winter clothing. In winter dress up games the player chooses an outfit for their character that would look good at a winter function. There are many winter dress up games available online. Dressup24h.com is an example. Nordic Winter Dress Up In 'Nordic Winter Dress Up,' players suit the rosy-cheeked model up is warm clothing. The game is set in a snowy landscape with a cozy red log cabin in the background. The most prominent colors in her wardrobe are red, grey and green. She has boots, tights to pair with her skirts, plaid coats and, of course, lots of sweaters. Accessories for her to hold include a basket of flowers, red ice skates and a little lantern. Emo Winter Fashion Dress Up Characteristics of emo style include blunt cut hair styles and the color black paired with bright candy colors. 'Emo Winter Fashion Dress Up' mixes that style with clothing items needed to stay warm. Clothing options include tops, skirts, jeans, dresses and rompers, all of which are available in a variety of colors. Shoes include high heels, sneakers and multiple styles of boots. Players can also give the model emo hair styles and accessories, like top hats and jewelry. Winter Baby Dress Up In 'Winter Baby Dress Up,' players help get a little girl ready to brave the cold and look stylish. As snow falls on the game screen, players can choose a background/environment for the baby. These include a snowy moonlit mountainside, an iceberg with a polar bear and a backyard with a cat. Her clothes include wacky hats, brightly colored sweaters, bottoms and shoes. Accessories include gloves, scarfs and even a candy cane. Winter Wedding Dress Up In 'Winter Wedding,' players assist the bride, Eva, in planning her wedding. The wedding is taking place during the holidays at a ski resort with all of her family and friends. Players start by giving the bride makeup such as lipstick, eyeshadow and blush. Player also choose a hairstyle and eye color for her. Next, players choose one of over a dozen dresses for the bride. Winter in Paris Winter in Paris is a dress-up game allows the user to put clothing and accessories on a woman standing on the streets of Paris during very cold weather. When you click 'play,' you'll have to choose her clothing and accessories by clicking on ice cubes that hold various styles to dress her in. Since there is snow on the ground and she's standing in her undies in front of the Eiffel Tower, she'd probably appreciate it if you hurry. When you have finished clothing this Parisian lady, click 'done' to see her in the new outfit, standing in Paris as the snow falls all around.
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