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Why to Use Goggle Retainers?

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-15
Goggle retainers ensure the safety of construction workers' eyes. The vision of anyone who works in the building industry is always very important for accuracy, and that's why goggles are frequently required or at least recommended. Within this industry are sub-categories that may include electric utility and sanding and grinding that increase the risk of eye damage, and that's why the goggles are recommended. The hazards include liquid splashes (paint, wood finish, cleaning materials), dust and particulate matter that can irritate and scratch the eyeball, and even larger projectile items such as nails, screws and wood pieces, among others. To have the goggles easily accessible, with the likelihood of them falling off of the cap or helmet greatly reduced is an advantage worth trying. Use of Goggle Retainers There are generally two types of uses for goggle retainers - those for safety caps and those for safety hats. The retainers can be attached to either one of these hard hats, quickly and easily with no tools required. The benefits of using them are that the goggles will offer secure eye protection when in use, and when taken off the eyes, can be kept safely on the hat without fear of them slipping or flying off. The one warning in using retainers is that the hat or cap must be securely placed on the head with the chin strap adhered. If the hat is to be dislodged, the integrity of the eye protection is compromised and the retainers may not be effective in protecting the eyes. If this is a possibility, that the hat is not buckled or strapped underneath the chin, the goggles should be kept separately from the hat, directly on the head. Goggle Retainer Assembly Instructions Assembling the goggle retainer to the head gear is easy. A built in channel at the back of the retainers will fit snugly around the back edge of a safety cap or hat. Attached to this gripper edge is a dielectric retainer that fits around the front of the hat. The existing strap on the goggles can then be removed and replaced with the goggle retainer elastic strap by sliding it through the headband slots of the goggles on both sides. Try on the hat or cap and adjust the tension on the strap so that the goggles will fit well on the face yet still be fitted enough to stay on top. When fitted properly, close the button strap and trim any excess elastic strap. By using goggle retainers, it not only improves the safety of workers' eyes, it also makes it a lot easier to keep track of goggles when not in use.
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