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Who Wouldn't Want To See A Man In A Skirt?

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-25
We've heard of man purse. We've heard of men putting on manicure. We've discovered men garbed in women's clothing, no wait, that's crossing dressing already (not that there's anything wrong with it.) But how about guys wearing skirts? Kilts are normal. They're a part of a Scottish tradition especially when they're having a wedding. You can even find kilt rentals available for that kind of theme. But suppose men start wearing kilts for everyday attire? Wouldn't that be the revolution of the century? But, the reality is, men's skirt, other than kilts, are more common than we think. For the lengthiest time, men had been wearing skirts and not just for the reason that it's cozy. Powerful men, men of religious effect, men who enter into combat, study your history books and you'll see all these men wearing skirts. History Back in the day there weren't actually any trousers. Everybody donned skirts. Pants are in reality under garments, like underpants or long johns or panties. Skirts were first devised in Armenia in 3,900 B.C. Woven via straws, males and females of any culture sport skirt and possess their very own variance of it. There's lungi, kanga and sarong in Asia and the widespread kilt in Scotland. Should you look at ancient Egyptian paintings, you can actually view the evidence that everybody from the pharaoh down to the slaves dressed in skirts. Sumerians donned skirts. Greeks donned togas. Chinese donned dresses. And let's keep in mind the kimonos that the Japanese love to wear. World domination in a skirt Even the Macedonian king, the well-known Alexander the Great dominated the whole world, riding horses and leading combat, wearing a skirt. He may say it was a tunic, however, if it's not sewn at the center it's a skirt. When Christopher Columbus discovered America he was dressed in a nice little knee-high skirt. This brings us to the concept that maybe if Hitler had put on a skirt he'd have succeeded in lording it over the world. Although we're digressing and that's another account. However you have to give it to the Aztec Indians who put on nothing else but loincloths. And it's simply to cover the delicate parts of the body. Skirt-wearing declined sometime around the Victorian era. That's when men were regarded too flashy with their attire and were demoted to putting on more sober clothes. Thus emerged the trousers and skirts were never witnessed again in males. Making a comeback The rebellious decade of the 1960s observed an effort to revive skirts on men. There emerged this unisex fashion movement which tried to blur the line between men's clothes and women's clothing. However the skirt thing didn't really become fashionable. The best it completely changed among men were velvety trousers, flowered or frilled shirts and ties, and long hair. In the seventies, a man single-handedly tried to promote guys to wear skirts. He contended that they're practical since it doesn't abrade the groin area, it's cool on a hot climate and symbolically, men can soak up feminine qualities. He wrote many articles on it, made a tour on talk shows. Obviously skirt wearing still never stuck on. But, it's early. Fashion has a way of recycling by itself. There will come a time when it's not only the kilts that men will wear but actual skirts.
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