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Which is Best, a Golf Hat or Golf Visor?

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-04
We all know that we need to protect our face from the sun when we golf, but hat or visor? Here are some things to consider before you buy. Visors: Brim length of a visor is fairly standard, the main difference is the type of strap used to secure the visor on your head. Here are the main types with benefits. 1. The full cloth: These stay on your head the best but can leave you with a divot on the back of your head. Be sure the strap is adjustable, either with velcro or a tightening clip. 2. The spiral:. These are comfortable because it is not as binding as the full cloth strap. You may find yourself tightening the spiral strap throughout the round because they will loosen during play. 3. Clip on: These maintain your hair style the best. It slides on and leaves the back of your head open. They can stretch out but can usually be molded back in place. 4. Shoelace tie: These are new on the market and work well for golf. Just be careful not to get some hair caught when you tie. Ouch! All visors can be thrown in the washing machine. I recommend not putting them in the dryer, instead, place them over a round bowl or pan when wet so they will keep their shape. Hats: 1. Baseball style hats. These work best with short hair or if you wear your long hair in a pony tailed pulled through the back. 2. Tam style. These look good on but the brim is typically small so it offers little protection from the sun. 3. Full headwear. These can be floppy hats, cowboy style hats, or safari hats. The length of your hair and hairstyle are important factors when wearing a full hat. They offer the best sun protection because the brims are larger. Just be sure the brim isn't too big that it interferes with your concentration when you swing your club. If hat hair is an issue, either keep the hat on the entire round (and 19th hole) or remove it in the ladies room and shape it back into style with a little water. 4. Cold weather stocking cap. Instead of protecting you from the sun, these will help keep your ears warm. The other options are the sweatband style or a scarf hat style that you can remove during play and pull back up while in the golf cart.
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