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Wedding Accessories - Bridesmaid Tiaras

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-21
The bride is indeed the queen of the day on wedding day, and no one else should get the limelight or steal her thunder. But then another great trend in style today is bridesmaid tiaras. That's right, the bride does have her own royal tiara while her princesses get a mini-version of their own. What is the idea behind this trend? What are its advantages and disadvantages? First off, bridesmaid tiaras are more simple as compared to the actual bridal tiara. If the bride dons one encrusted with rhinestones and pearl, the bridesmaids get a headband-type tiara with minimal, elegant design. So there are no worries about the entourage outshining the bride with a more elaborate tiara. In a group photo, the uniformity of everyone wearing a tiara and a smile will absolutely be divine. The tiaras are to be worn during the wedding day, which means the hairstylist gets to place them on each of the bridesmaids as finishing touch to their hair. Why not make it a big surprise and wait for until the photo session before leaving for the church to tell them that the tiara is theirs to keep? It will be a grand thank-you gift for the girls, especially if they played big roles during the planning of the wedding and the bridal shower. They'll be oozing with glee the entire day knowing that after the grand celebration, they have a special remembrance of your big day. Bridesmaid tiaras are a great accent to the bridesmaid dresses, especially if you weren't planning on getting a hair stylist for the entire group. With the sparkling tiaras, who would ever know that the girls did their hair styles by themselves? Be sure to have someone check them for appropriateness and uniformity, they should still look and function as a team. If you are on a tight budget but you like the idea of giving away a special 'girls-only' present, why not do tiara combs? They are decorative headpieces that look like tiaras, function like combs, and add prestige and class to any hairstyle. Like regular tiaras, they also come in different designs which could match the design of the bridal tiara. One disadvantage, aside from the added cost, is the possibility of the tiaras getting lost even before the wedding day itself. During the bridal shower, you do feel like you should give them their deserving reward for every single thing they have contributed. Receiving the tiaras early on can possibly mean that it could be damaged or misplaced before it gets to do its purpose. So hand out the tiaras while their make up or hair is getting done and be worry-free for the rest of day. Or at least before something goes unexpectedly wrong. So if you are still scouting around for what you can give your bridesmaids or what to top their tresses with, worry no more. This is a foolproof plan knowing that women love jewelry - and a girl can never have too many tiaras, right?
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