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Various Caps for Quality Wigs

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-29
When it comes to choosing quality wigs, the first thing people think of is style and color. Whether they want to stick with a color that they know looks natural or want to change to something more drastic, people often look at the aesthetics of a wig. And as they should, as that's the first thing everyone will notice. But what they don't realize is that underneath, the cap that holds the wig in place can be different and you'll want to decide which style you prefer. From synthetic wigs to real hair wigs, all have various options with the caps that hold them in place. The most common and affordable type of cap for any quality wigs is the standard cap. When you imagine a wig cap, that's probably the one you are thinking of. The layers of hair are sewn on to the cap which has a lace layer at the crown that is closed. The crown is usually teased lightly so that you can't see the cap from the front. Because of this, there's a natural lift at the crown of the hair that gives the overall look more volume. Capless wigs are similar to standard cap but instead of have the closed lace layer, there are vertical lace strips with open spaces between wefts. 'Wefts' are the threads that the wig is laced around to keep it together. Open spaces means more ventilation, which means a lighter weight and overall a cooler cap to wear than standard cap wigs. These are a great choice during hot weather. Mono-filament caps use a thin, breathable nylon that give the illusion of being skin. It'll take on the look of the wearers natural scalp color because it partly reveals the scalp below, so that it looks more natural. It also offers a lot of leniency with styling because each hair is hand tied at the crown so the hair can be parted or brushed any which way the wearer would like. It's a really good choice for those with total hair loss because standard caps can be itchy to sensitive scalps, but mono-filament are much softer to the touch. Whichever caps you choose, you'll know that you'll be getting quality wigs with the comfort and fit that you need. If you have the ability to try on various wigs with different caps first, do so. You'll want to know what works best for you since you'll be wearing your new wig so often!
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