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Trying to Fit In - Encouraging a Healthy Body

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-20
She's spending hours in the bathroom, sizing herself up every time she passes a mirror..... Sound familiar? It's just another normal day for your teenage daughter. During their teenage years, it is normal for kids to become more interested in appearances-both their own and others'. During this period in their lives, their bodies go through big changes. As they change physically, they become more aware of how they look. And with this new awareness comes a change in body image. Having a healthy body image is important because it generates positive feelings and opinions which can affect our overall attitude. Acceptance and appreciation for our bodies ends up meaning more than just being satisfied with our appearance. Of course, this can be easier said than done, especially in a society that has ruthless standards for beauty. Fashion trends shift quickly. Romantic, sophisticated hair accessories may be all the rage among celebrities now, but not too long ago, people who wore such hair accessories were seen as old-fashioned. More often than not, teens end up feeling that they cannot catch up or measure up. They become too self-critical about appearance. It's true that appearance isn't everything, but feeling satisfied with appearance means a lot because a poor body image can ultimately hurt overall self-image. Of course your daughter is special just the way she is, but if you're wondering why she suddenly seems so focused on appearances, here are a few things to keep in mind: Her new reflection. The time she spends grooming, making a fuss over which dress to wear, and which headband to pair it with, or comparing herself to friends and celebrities, can be ways of getting to know the new self she sees reflected in the mirror. Her fashion statement. She's making a statement about herself when she expresses her taste in clothes, hair accessories and make-up. Experimenting with her styles is one way to express her personality and identity. Her way to belong. Finding a group to belong to plays a major a role in heightening your young teen's concern about appearances. If you notice her suddenly wearing a girly hair clip or dressing differently, this is probably her way of discovering how she fits in. Developing a healthy body image happens over time. A number of factors can influence it: her experiences, the opinions of others and cultural messages. As she tries to find herself in this new world of raging hormones, you can help by being accepting and supportive, while at the same time encouraging other qualities that keep looks in perspective. Accept. It is important to recognize that being concerned about looks is a normal, natural part of the teen years. It might be frustrating when she holds fort in the bathroom for hours, but avoid criticizing her for being concerned about appearances. As she matures and learns to put things in perspective, she will eventually get over this concern. Compliment. Reassure her not just about her looks, but also about her other important qualities. Even a simple 'That hair clip is so cute with that dress' can mean a lot. But make sure to also compliment her on other physical attributes, like grace, speed, balance and strength. What's inside counts, too. Tell her what personal qualities you love about her-how caring she is to her siblings, how determined she is when studying for her tests, or how supportive she is of her friends. Reassure her when she expresses insecurity. Set boundaries. While it is important to be patient and supportive, you are still the parent and you are still in charge. Set boundaries on how much time she can spend on grooming, dressing and deciding which hair accessories bring out the color of her eyes. Tell her it's not OK to inconvenience others or let chores go. Limits like these can help her develop time management, being considerate of others, exercising self-discipline, and keeping appearances in perspective. Be a good role model. Young minds are very impressionable, and your daughter is no exception. She is very likely to mirror what she sees, and it is important to realize that how you talk about your own looks sets a powerful example. If you yourself are constantly complaining about your appearance, you may be teaching her that it's OK to cast the same critical eye on herself.
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