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Top Rated Dolls For Christmas 2011

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-18
Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo Baby Doll from Hasbro is one doll which has captured little girls' imagination. This cute lifelike doll is not called Baby Alive for nothing; she coos, giggles, and wiggles and when you feed her the special juice, she pees and poops.This doll is highly recommended for girls aged 3 years and above who love to play mommy. Another baby doll which is among the top rated dolls for Christmas 2011 is Melissa and Doug Jenna Baby Doll. Jenna is a lovely sweet faced and sweet smelling doll which can open and close her eyes and she sucks her thumb or a pacifier. As Jenna is made for little girls (up to 18 months), it is pretty lightweight. Following the success of the animated movie Tangled, Disney launched its Tangled Rapunzel doll.This poseable doll bears striking resemblance to the movie character. She is dressed in a beautiful costume and has long lustrous hair with shimmering highlights. The accessories accompanying this doll are a hair brush, a paint brush and her pet. Girls simply adore this doll and it definitely is one of the top rated dolls for Christmas 2011. If your girl likes something out of the ordinary then Monster High Lagoona Blue Doll from Mattel isjust for her. This doll is basically meant for older girls and for collectors.She is beautifully made with every little detail taken care of.Scary but fashionably dressed she has a completely articulated body and you can make her strike any pose you want.Also the removable body parts make it easier for you to change her clothes.Weird but utterly gorgeous, this doll comes with her pet, a Piranha, a brush and a doll stand. The Lalaloopsy dolls were a phenomenal hit last year and this year too they are one of the most sought after dolls. They are ranked highly on the top rated dolls for Christmas 2011 chart as they are equally popular among young boys and girls. The Lalaloopsy dolls are quite unlike their peers. Manufactured by MGA Entertainment, they are based on the hand-stitched rag dolls of yesteryear.In all, there are 17 Lalaloopsy dolls and each doll is different from the other in terms of appearance and 'character'. The myth surrounding these dolls that the last stitch magically brought them to life and instilled in the dolls the character traits of the person who wore those rags fascinated the kids to no bounds. Each Lalaloopsy doll comes with a pet which matches her personality. There are girl Lalaloopsy dolls and now a new Boy Lalaloopsy doll that goes by the name of Patch Treasure Chest. Conclusion Dolls have always been a big hit among little girls; infact girls treat them more as a close companion. Dolls foster imaginary play among girls and nurture responsibility.Dolls are the best Christmas gift you can give. There are different types of dolls such as baby dolls which need to be taken care of, cloth dolls and fashion dolls; you can choose one according to your girl's age and temperament.And now that Lalaloopsy has introduced Patch the boy pirate doll, it has opened up a whole new market as did the Cabbage Patch did back in the 80's. Thank you for reading about 2011's Top Rated Dolls. Below in our Author's box you can find more information and great saving on the top 2011 Christmas toys and Dolls.
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