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Tips on Successfully Choosing the Best Wedding

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-24
For a bride, having the best wedding hair accessories is important. Particular details should be focused on the hair pieces, bridal hair clip, hair pins, tiaras, wedding veils and other headwear. It is imperative for her to look at her best during that time because it is her moment. This is for her to stay as beautiful as possible and stand out among the crowd. Of course, it would not be right or it would appear very awkward if the bridesmaid or the other attendees at the wedding would look better than her. This article will be focused on helping a bride-to-be understand what options, styles and popular design choices are available for wedding hair accessories. This is for her to be at her most gorgeous during the most important moment in her life. Tips for Wedding Hair Accessories The following tips are guaranteed to make any bride look elegant and beautiful during one of the highlights of her life: 1. Veil When choosing a veil, it is important to choose something that is simple yet elegant. The less ornaments it has, the better. Also, it is important that the face of the bride is still visible and eye-catchy. So, a wedding veil with too much features may pose a distraction to the face of the bride. 2. Hair Pin Since time immemorial, this object has played a significant role in making a bride appear at her best during her wedding. This was evidenced by murals, pictures, paintings and even archeological excavations in ancient ruins. The bride can choose a hair pin with jewelry like pearls, ruby, emerald, gold and diamonds. However, having a hair pin with expensive stones can cost a lot. So a more affordable alternative would be something with glass beads or floral patterns. 3. Hair Clips Hair clips can come with designs similar with hair pins. This looks great when combined with the veil, tiara or other accessories. 4. Tiara This comes in different types. Depending on the motif of the wedding, the bride can choose the traditional or the modern ones. For younger brides, a princess tiara will make her appear fresher and more vibrant-looking. But for a more unique and radical style, the asymmetric and retro-designed tiara can be a good choice. 5. Other Headwear There are other add-ons that will surely benefit the looks of the bride. Feathers, flowers, ribbons and hats are good alternatives for a bride who is looking to be at her most superb look. Current and Popular Styles Today more brides prefer the more chic style as opposed to the traditional ones. They have decided to break away from tradition to do away with the monotony and to be more radical. So, here are the modern styles for bridal headwear: 1. Feathers Feather hair pins have become a common trend. Many people are now incorporating these in their hairstyles. This has become a trend in weddings also. Modern brides are now using this to highlight their hairstyle with beautifully colored feathers. 2. Hats or Ribbons Many modern brides are choosing hats or ribbons nowadays instead of the more traditional veil. This is because this can be more stylistic and it is easier to wear as compared to the veil. 3. Flowers A halo or headdress made up of flowers can be perfect whether the bride decides to wear it with or without a veil. This is economical and it can even be handmade easily. 4. Pins and Clips Modern brides are now more practical than traditional brides. Instead of using more expensive accessories that are riddled with expensive stones, they are now more inclined with the economical options. Beautifully crafted glass in pins or clips can match even the most expensive stones if they are made by quality designers. Which One to Choose? Not all wedding hair accessories presented here can go perfectly with a bride. There are certain factors that have to be considered when choosing among the styles that were just presented here. Here they are: 1. Traits of the Bride One of the factors that should be considered is the characteristics or status of the bride. Some can only go well with young ages and some are fit only for middle or older brides. Brides who are younger can choose the radical or princess styles but this may not go well with middle-aged up to older ones. A good and safe choice no matter what the age of the bride is would be the modern or more traditional look. 2. Motif of the Wedding The theme of the wedding should be considered as well when choosing what hair accessories to wear. Of course, a traditional motif would not go well with a radical style, and so is the other way around. However, a modern and traditional style can be combined for a more unique fashion approach. 3. Traditions and Customs of the Bride Aside from the character and motif, the customs and traditions of the bride should also be put into consideration during the decision-making process. Some customs and traditions may not welcome an unorthodox style.
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