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The Varying Range of Belly Dance Outfits

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-12
The emphasis on belly dance outfits has gained importance after the entry of many celebrities into belly dancing. The most prominent among them is Shakira who is loved and admired throughout the world for her sensual movements while dancing. This form of dancing found popularity in the Middle East, but has spread to every part of the globe today. Although women are the most sought after belly dancers, yet men and children too are joining in the fun now. But it is true that the outfits are one of the main attractions of these dancers. They make both the dance and the dancer look more glamorous. The Turkish Outfit Most of the belly dance outfits consist of some common items like harem pants, veils, bustier, layered skirts and belts. You will find different places having variations of these same items. If you consider the Turkish outfits, then you will notice the importance of fringes. There will be fringes on the bustier and the belts. The outfits are intricately designed with a lot of beadwork and glass stones. The belt is worn in a V-shape. If you look at belly dance outfits for sale, you will find the colors used are very brilliant and in contrasts. The bustier has a diamond or asymmetrical shape. You get a completely transparent look in the skirt or pants. It is made to look more sensual by incorporating cutouts. The headbands are also very decorative and the veil very enticing. Velvet, chiffon and lycra are the main materials used. The Egyptian Outfit In contrast to the Turkish outfits, the Egyptian belly dance outfits are not so sensual. Although it consists of two-piece garments, yet the dancers have to wear a skin-colored base underneath. The midriff cannot be bared. There are fringes here too with beadwork and sequin-work. There is a lack of decoration in the bustier. The skirts may be multi-tiered and they also wear all the regular veils and headbands. Similarly, many other variations in designs can be found elsewhere in the world. If you look at belly dance outfits, UK, you will find a lot of metals being used as decoration. The Decoration Used Considering the decoration in the belly dance outfits, you can also have many kinds. Many innovative items like large coins and chains can be used throughout the outfit. Mirror work and sequins are also common in most of the costumes. Metals used as ornamentation can be polished or antique-looking. The headband is no longer left looking plain but is embellished with fringes which look alluring while the dancer makes everyone dance to her tune. But if you are interested in buying cheap belly dance outfits, then you have to leave the embellishments and decorations behind. Perfect Tailoring The bottom part of the costume is usually the skirt but the dancers also use harem pants as alternatives. These pants expose a lot of skin through the slit in the sides. The slits can also be decorated in many ways. Beads and metallic ribbons may be used on the slits. But whatever maybe the decoration on the dance outfits, it needs perfect tailoring to fit the belly dancer's body. This will bring out the beauty and the sensuality in the dance.
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