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The Secret Behind Clothing

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-25
Anyone interested in men's fashion should be let in on one little secret all industry people seem to know but that the average consumer just doesn't yet. It's a secret that will help men stay ahead of the curve, spotting trends before they arise and knowing what to buy when the time is right. It's an easy trick and it works almost all the time. If you look at clothing from the past few years, the secret will stare you straight in the face. The secret is this: more often than not, men's fashion actually copies women's trends. You might laugh at this idea at first. Suits, ties, and dress shirts are nothing like dresses, high heels, and necklaces, right? Sure, that's all and well, but what about everything in between? Normally trousers, jumpers, coats, and accessories are male- or female-specific, but they can be altered such that they could work for either gender. Let's take a look at some trends to show how this works. Do you remember when flared jeans took off in the beginning of the 2000s? That classic 1970s boho chic look really made a comeback, with peasant tops, long hair, and lots of jewellery. Well, it wasn't just these pieces that completed the look, it was flared jeans as well. Then what happened? Several months later (about nine, most would say), 'boot cut' jeans became all the rage in men's fashion. Some even went so far as to wear flares. What about Capri pants? These also made a comeback from their 1960s days in the early part of the millennium. Of course, at first they were adopted by women. Then, women paired them with old style shoes and white oxford tops to look like their mothers and grandmothers. Yet only months later the look--albeit in a modified form--appeared for the other gender as well. Taking more recent examples, think about skinny jeans. The tight, tapered look first appeared in its most modern iteration with women who, of course, wanted to look skinny. And then what happened? You guessed it: several months later, all the boys in London could be seen wearing the skin-tight jeans. It's an interesting hypothesis and it doesn't always ring true, but gentlemen, when you are looking for what to wear next season and the shops have yet to release their catalogues, think about what women are wearing and think about trying it all on.
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