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The Plantronics CS55 Headset is Impressive

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-16
The Plantronics CS55 headset is the heir apparent to the CS60 model system. The CS55 functions at a 1.9GHz voice frequency and is only the second cycle of completely wireless headsets constructed by Plantronics. The CS55's base station is less than the CS60 and can be employed as a charging station when not using the headset. The Plantronics CS55 headset has four microphone options (A-D) and four speaker controls(1-4) that grants increased range and the ability to fine tune the system to your particular phone and individual volume needs. The CS55 base station also has an up and down knob for changing the microphone sound. Utilizing the microphone (A-D) features makes it possible for the person you are communicating with to understand you a lot easier and using the up and down button enables you to alter the level of sound. The Plantronics CS55 headset range is up to 300 feet away from the base unit and the chat time is roughly 10 hours per battery charge. The battery span is about 1 to 2 years. To make sure of a enjoyable fit, Plantronics has included numerous headband adjustments for your comfort. The headband is the standard model that comes with a tiny leather ear pillow for a relaxed fit. In addition, it also seals the ear to prohibit all background sound from getting in. The CS55 provides four distinct ear pieces to select from. This enables you to easily use the ear piece without employing the headband. For phone clarity, the Plantronics CS55 headset has a knob on the side of the base unit numbering (1-4). The first setting operates best on the majority of phones, and if it does not operate well at the default setting, try shifting the dial from (2-4) to see which setting will work best with your phone. The CS55's 1.9GHz frequency was developed to eliminate interference and static humming, even if you are close to the base unit. The Plantronics CS55 is a fantastic company or call center wireless headset. You do not have much to modify, and the unit performs on a voice only frequency. It is quite clear that Plantronics makes excellent wireless headset technology.
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