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The Goal of a Perfect Gift

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-06
It was the holiday time of year again, so a short while before Christmas, I was trying to come up with the perfect gift for one of my granddaughters. By perfect, I mean that I wanted the gift to be something practical, as well as something that she would enjoy receiving. Of course, that left out most of the electronic gifts, since I was not too sure which ones she favored the most. At the time that I was thinking about this perfect gift, I was also aware that she had received some gifts in the past that had been relegated to the closet, where they still languish, unopened, until someday when she may unwrap them. So, what kind of present should I buy? Now, even if I had tons of money to use on gifts (which I don't, by the way), in this economy, with so many people hurting financially, I would still be frugal because we just don't know how it's all going to turn out. So I opted on a price for a gift that was reasonable, yet not at all excessive. After that, I checked through the catalogs I had, and searched through the teenage section. After checking several catalogs, I found a present that was in the price range I decided would be okay. It was nothing spectacular, but it was a very pretty sleepwear item that I thought she might like. So I paid for bought it. After it arrived, I wrapped it and placed it under the tree. There were lots of presents for the family under the tree, and many of them were for the grandchildren. And, of course, my youngest granddaughter had many of them piled up for her. That should have been okay for me, but for some reason, I began to think that, maybe, I was being too frugal with my giving. I suppose had bought into the theory that teenagers now have to have every new thing around in order for them to be happy, and the more expensive, the better. So, of course, I went shopping at the department store to supplement what I now considered my 'meager' gift. After fighting my way through the crowds, I was ready to purchase several gifts that I was sure would please my granddaughter (and leave me a little more broke), so I headed to one of the checkout isles. It was while I was on my way there that I noticed a section that boasted sale items. Who can pass a sale section near Christmas time and not at least stop and check it out? Anyhow, while there I grabbed several items that would fit in the stockings, and a few that would need to be wrapped. I also noticed a stand that boasted several kinds of hair accessories on sale. The prices ranged from $5.00 on down to $1.00 each. Since my granddaughter sometimes wears a hair accessory in her long, dark hair, as an afterthought I chose a gold hairband to wrap and give her. This, I supposed, would be a throwaway present, since its total value at $1.00 was practically nil. Christmas came, and all the wrapping paper was ripped off, and all the presents were dispersed, and everybody seemed happy. Afterward, we had the big Christmas dinner. Everybody had a good time. And then it was all over. Before we knew it, the New Year was upon us. Next, January and February came and went. In the meantime, you might wonder what happened to that perfect gift that I had agonized about for my granddaughter. Well, since she received several other sleepwear items, the one I gave her ended up with her mother. Not a big surprise and certainly not anything to get bent out of shape for. But, you know something? Without my realizing it, I had given my granddaughter the perfect gift. No, it wasn't the expensive one. Instead, it was the $1.00 hair accessory. How do I know that? I know because time after time, ever since last Christmas, I've observed my granddaughter style her hair various different ways as she gets ready to go somewhere, and almost always on top of her hair she wears that goal hairband. My granddaughter has never mentioned that particular gift since Christmas. But she doesn't have to. Her actions emphasize its place in her treasure trove. Do you think that teenagers today are only concerned with material things? It may be that we just don't understand their value system. Anyhow, the next time you are searching for the perfect gift, it just might be the imperfect one that the recipient would rather have!
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