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The Free Trial For The Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-16
I have long had difficulty getting good sleep, and feel like I've tried everything. In this article I will share with you some of the things I have tried and review my experiences. I will also give you a link to try the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach, a new device that allows you to monitor your sleep from your own home. I have suffered from two problems with sleep. Firstly, I have dealt with a general difficulty being able to go to sleep. This is also called insomnia. In addition, when I do fall asleep, I often find that I wake up numerous times at night and then I am incapable of going back to sleep. At first, I sought natural solutions. I tried everything from Melatonin to Valerian Root. Other things I tried include taking hot baths before going to bed. None of these things did much, and I continued to suffer from the same problems. I eventually started using over the counter sleeping pills, which did manage to get me to sleep, but left me drowsy the following day. Eventually, I spoke about my problems with my physician. As expected, he gave me prescription sleeping pills. I tried out two brands, Lunesta and Ambien. Unfortunately, they had side effects I was unable to deal with, so I had to discontinue using them. The latest thing I'm thinking about trying is something called the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach. I found out this device is like a headband that you wear at night, and it collects data on your sleep patterns. There is a website where you can upload the data you collect for further analysis and tips on how to sleep better. While this sounds like a lot of work, it also seems pretty advanced and I just might try it out. I hear it comes with a 30 day trial as well. It used to be that these kinds of sleep analysis systems would cost a lot of money and require you to go to a professional sleep center. The idea that I can get similar help from home by using the Zeo is great, and something that I'm looking forward to.
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