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The Era Of The Rock N Roll Music Of The 1950s

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-15
Let us first understand as to what we mean by Rockabilly. It is a lifestyle which is inspired by the Rock n Roll Music of the 1950s. There was a certain unique way of dressing, styling and behaviour that was followed by the rock stars of that generation. They were known for their conduct and that made the Rockabilly culture a hit with the generation of that era. However, the culture has not gone out of the country yet. People, even today, follow the lifestyle at times to remember those glorious days and enjoy some classic Rock n Roll music. Therefore, Rockabilly clothing is nothing but a way of dressing. Your clothing represents the Rockabilly culture. However, with time, there has been a change in the way such clothing has been perceived. Everything that is retro now can be considered to be such clothing. Rockabilly is similar to other sub cultures like Punk and Pin Up Glamour Girls and hence punk clothing and / or pinup clothing, at most times, are similar to Rockabilly clothing. They are just different words which are used to mean one and the same thing. So, what do these people wear? Men are generally fascinated by slim jeans. They tend to accompany that with a bandana and attest that somewhere. A lot of them roll that on their wrist. This is combined with a retro shirt. Also known as the Rockabilly shirt, this shirt is generally known to possess large collars and even have polka dots or cherry prints at times. This makes the entire style of dressing easily distinguishable. This was for the boys. The girls are not left behind in the culture either. They can wear different type of retro dresses. Punk skirt and frock are the most popular with the women. However, such Rockabilly clothing is not just about the clothes that one wear. It's about the entire get up. Therefore, the hair styles and hair accessories can't be given a miss either. While the men are pretty flexible with their hairstyles, the women have more specific requirements. The men tend to choose the hair styles of the rock stars of the 1950s. It is a simple, parted hairstyle with a slight retro feel to it. On the other hand, the women love to have the Bettie Hair. This means that they style their hair in the same way as Bettie Page. Now, this was about punk clothing and the various accessories that go along. There is another facet of the same, though, which few people can afford to miss upon. This element is that of tattoos and piercings. You might wear a great punk skirt or some really authentic Rockabilly shirt but you will not be able to replace the value that tattoos and piercings add to your styling, that too when it is about styling the Rockabilly way. All of these have become very popular and people wear them on theme parties or various other events and occasions which call for such dressing. This brings the memories of the 1950s back into our minds.
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