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The Different Types of Ribbon and Their Functions

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-25
Ribbon is a versatile fabric. Ribbon is used for decorative arts, crafts such as trimming, bow making, and decorative pieces on clothing and other fashionable items like purses, book bags, and scrap booking. But perhaps one of the most endearing uses of ribbon is in the making of hair bows and hair clips. What many people don't know is that there are a lot of different types of ribbon; ribbon that is thick, wide, colorful, and slim. There are a variety of different hair accessories that utilize all sorts of different types of ribbon. Grosgrain Ribbon: This type of ribbon is heavier and oftentimes thicker. This ribbon is usually composed of silk and looks great on hair bows, when lined to the top of hair clips, and headbands. The texture of the ribbon is ribbed and frequently comes in different colors, usually solid, striped, or printed patterns. This ribbon is also great for scrap booking since it is thick and easy to glue down onto scrap booking paper. Grosgrain ribbon is also frequently utilized as a material for more elaborate hair bows. School themed hair bows worn by cheerleaders are often made out of grosgrain ribbons. Satin Ribbon: Satin is perhaps the most popular type of ribbon out there. Satin ribbon is usually made out of satin or is made out of polyester and simply has a satin finish. Either way, this ribbon is light weight and very lustrous, especially double-faced satin ribbon, which is satin ribbon with a satin finish on both sides instead of the customary one-sided finish. This ribbon is wonderful for garments, accessories, or as a satin hair bow. Double Ruffle Ribbon: Double ruffle ribbon is gorgeous. Usually it features a single faced satin in the center with some lovely ribbon sewn onto either side of the satin. The look achieved is a shiny satin center with double ruffle ribbon on the outside, hence the name. This ribbon is used for making fabulous hair bows or for custom lining on clothing. Organza Ribbon: This ribbon is especially darling and is used on just about everything, from wedding dresses, high fashion couture, embroidery, hair bows, and even wedding invitations. Organza is made out of nylon and if needed for a more formal occasion, is known to be made of silk too. Organza is a very light weight ribbon that is sheer in the center with bound edges on the outside. The look that this ribbon achieves is very feminine. With the hundreds of colors that are available, you may have your pick of the style you want to achieve. For wholesale ribbon information, prices, or even more knowledge about ribbons, Is a fantastic resource for all your craft making and hair bow needs.
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