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by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-18
For most adults, there childhood is colorful. They can go out to play with their companions. They will playing different games with their friends. But now it is hard for kids to find a companion and they will stay at home in most of time. Their parents are busy with their own business, so kids can not find a person to play with them. How do they spend their time? It is computer games. When kids are very little their parents will teach them how to use computer. Kids can play games by tablet personal computer. Now there are many sites supply online games. Today I will introduce dating dress up games for girls. As we all know that if a girl go out for a date, she will spend much time on dressing up. She will choose her most beautiful dresses and she will comb her hair. In order to make her looks perfect, she will wear some accessories. Dating dress up game is the imitation of the reality. All modes will go out for a date, but before go out, they need your help. That is dress them up. In different games, the situation is different. Now I will give you two examples. For example you are playing Shining Date Look now. The background is Vicky is in desperate need of a new set of clothes for the date with her boyfriend this weekend. Now she is in a fashion mall. You task is to help her change her appearance and make her looks more beautiful. You can decide where you start. I will introduce from hair style. There are six hair styles and you can choose one according to the feature of model. At the same time there are corresponding necklaces for you to choose. Next you can choose dresses. Click the related icon to zoom in and then click the dresses to try until you find your favorite one. After choosing well, you can click the click the icon of zoom out. Then pick a pair of shoes which match your dresses well. Handbag is necessary for girl, so do not forget to choose a fashion handbag for model. After you do well all of these, you can click the icon of show and show your work. Above example is one form. There is also another form. In this form players need to dress up two people. They are lovers. They will go out for a date, but they need to dress them up first. For example you are playing game named Cafe Bar. At first you need to make up for girls. Next you can dress her up. In this game game designers have already math well. You can choose any match. But if you have your idea, you also can match clothes according to your mind. After you dress girl up well, you can start to dress up boy. When you dress him up, you need to make the dress of boy match the girl's. Girls, are you finding good games to play? As the coming of Valentine Day, playing dating games are the best choice. Here you are the meritorious statesman of romantic date.
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