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The Busy Mom's Guide To Hair Styling

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-14
Motherhood is one of the toughest jobs in the world. With the constant hustle and bustle from baby duty to daily chores, a mom is lucky enough if she gets to sit down for a full minute on hectic days, much less find the time to shower, blow-dry and style her hair. Of course, dedicated as you are to your family, you also want to look your best (or at least not be too obvious that you skipped the shower.) Those extra-busy days when you barely have time for yourself are inevitable, but here's a few simple things to help you cope. Moms, here's some unexpected news: hairstylists say that dirty hair is the easiest to style! How do you turn drab to fab? Here are some tips: Brush Off Hands off the brush if you're planning to skip the shower today. When you brush unwashed hair, you actually distribute the oil from the scalp to the rest of your hair. This results in a greasy, stringy look. Powder Up When it comes to making dirty hair look polished, dry shampoo is your best friend. For the uninitiated, dry shampoo is a powdered substance used to absorb excess oils from hair follicles without the need to be rinsed off. Aside from absorbing some of the oil, dry shampoo leaves a fresh scent and bulks up your hair so it can be styled. To use spray-on versions, hold it a foot from your head and spray on oily areas. To use those in shaker dispensers, sprinkle the powder in your hands and work into your scalp. If you're looking for an easier way out, then borrow some baby powder from your little one and sprinkle onto your locks. Much like dry shampoo, a dash of baby powder can help absorb excess oils. Heat it Up Here's another bit of good news: dirty hair holds curls better compared to clean hair! To give your un-showered hair some sexy wavy volumes or silky straight smoothness, go ahead and work some magic with your blow-dryer or your curling iron. We advise that you do this sparingly, though, as frequent heat styling can damage your hair. Accessorize With lovely hair clips adorning your tresses, everyone will pay attention to your hair! Stylish and sophisticated styles always work well at stealing the limelight. Plus, it doesn't get easier than clipping one or two of your favorite designs into your hair. You may not be aware that hair clips are actually at the top of the list of the fashion rage this season. They are more than just baby gifts! Now ladies of all ages are adding hair accessories to their fashion staples. They are beautiful accents to your over-all look, and come with an added bonus: they help to keep your hair away from your face. Up, up and Away Get your hair up! Using your favorite hair accessories, make a pretty ponytail or a cute bun. Getting your hair up and out of your face means it won't get stringy throughout your busy day. If you must add hair products to tame frizz or fly-always, avoid using more than a dab of leave-in conditioner. Too much hair products will just leave your hair greasier.
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