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The Bond Between Silk Scarves And Me

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-05
The bond between silk scarves and me can be dated from ten years ago, when I was a teenage girl. It was a beautiful summer night. At that night, I watched a movie called the Yellow Ribbon. The movie was about a touching story, but I was more interested about the yellow ribbon in the movie. Tie the yellow ribbons in the tree for the one you are waiting for, he or she would come and bring you happiness at last. Immediately, I allowed this silly but beautiful theory took a place in my heart. I couldn't take the yellow ribbon with me, so I chose the silk scarves instead. From the first time I paid for the silk scarf, I became wild about it. There is very little about the yellow ribbon story, but I really like it. At first, I just used it as a typical scarf, tying around my neck. Because of its raw material, the silk scarves feel very warm in the winter and pretty cool in summer. Also, the stamps and colors of the silk scarves can be very charming and fabulous; in other words, the silk scarves will never be out of fashion. Later, I developed different functions of the silk carves. Once I hung out with my friends, and the weather became hot after lunch. So I untied the silk scarf I put on that day and tied it to my bag. To my great surprise, my handbag became the eye-catching at once. I could tell those appreciated look from my friends and passing-bys. Thus, I found the second wonder, which the silk scarves brought to me. From that time on, I used the silk scarves as accessories as well. For example, I applied it as headband. Usually, a purple silk scarf is always the perfect match for a girl with long hair. In summer, the long hair is often a heavy burden to a lot of girls. Just like me, they want to show the smooth and beautiful hair. But the heated weather makes it horrible. However, the silk scarves might be your best friends. Using it as the headband, you can be cool and still have your hair showed. I will also use the silk scarves as belts. The traditional leather belts looks bored and dull and they don't play the role well as decorations. But the situation is totally different when you use the silk scarves as belts. They are more beautiful but share the same function as the typical leather belts. If you want, as accessories, there are still ways of using the silk scarves waiting for you to dig. Have a try. You are going the most amazing star among all the peers.
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