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Step by Step Process On How to Make Your Own Hair

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-02
To keep all of your hair bows and accessories neat and organized, there are several quick, simple, and inexpensive ways to accomplish just that. I will lead you through a step by step process on one of the ways to make a hair bow/ hair accessories organizer. Tools needed: Scissors - Staple gun with 3/8' staples - Measuring tape - Pencil Materials needed: 16'x20' Art canvas - 1 - 1/2' roll and 1 - 5/8' Roll of ribbon the colors of your choice. Step one: Take your art canvas and mark off how many strips of ribbon you want to run. The instructions for the organizer made for this article as four strips spaced 4' from the ends, and 4' in between each strip. Turn your canvas over to the back side and make your marks on the wooden frame to line up the ribbon. Depending on how many strips you will need, you can use as many strips or as few, depending on the size canvas you use. Step two: Starting on your first strip with the 1.5' ribbon, fold the end of the ribbon over 1 inch, then staple the folded ribbon end to the wooden frame on the back of the canvas. Then pull the strip of ribbon over and down the front of the canvas. Make sure the ribbon is tight. Then staple it to the back of the frame on the bottom just like you did at the top. Remember to fold the end of the ribbon, and to cut it so there is 1 inch of material to staple to the frame. By folding the ends over it will make the ribbon more sturdy for the staples that you install. Three staples per ribbon will be plenty. Step three: Take your 5/8' ribbon and go over top of the ribbon that you just installed (e.g. overlap the bigger ribbon with the smaller ribbon). Make sure that you center your smaller ribbon over the bigger ribbon. Staple the smaller ribbon the exact same way you did the larger ribbon. Remember to pull both pieces of ribbon tight before you staple them. Your bows and hair accessories will easily clip onto the smaller piece of ribbon, not only keeping your hair bows organized, but they will look great as well. The organizer that I just explained, was made in approximately 15 minutes, and is very inexpensive to make. If you need something a little larger or smaller you can get the art canvas size to suit your needs. Also, depending on the size of the bows you will be installing on your organizer, you can add as many or as few strips of ribbon as you'd like. The canvas that I used in the illustration was just like it came from the store. If you intend to paint the canvas, do so before applying your ribbon strips. Also, if you elect to paint the canvas, make sure the paint is safe to use in the environment that you will have your organizer. If you want to hang your organizer, you can hang it just like you would a picture frame, or you can hang it on a closet door with a piece of wire connected to the back of the canvas.
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