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Select Bridal Earrings For Your Special Wedding Day

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-01
When you are trying to look as gorgeous as possible on your wedding day, every detail counts. Other than your gown, it is your wedding accessories that will make the biggest impact on your finished look. Because they frame your face, you want to be especially careful when choosing your Bridal earrings. Here are some tips on how to find the most fabulous earrings for your wedding day. You dream of your big day your entire life and adding final touches to your wedding look is one of those fun decisions you get to make as a bride. There are many accessory options out there from big bold necklaces, chunky, illusion and multiple strand bracelets, but when it comes to earrings - you can't go wrong. Take a few of these ideas to help you decide on your wedding day earring selection. First consider the color gown you are wearing. With more fashion options to brides, dresses aren't just white any more. Whether you have a white, ivory, pink, or nontraditional color bridal gown, choose materials that have the same color tones. If your dress is white, ivory pearls will not match perfectly with your gown, stay true to your colors. Next consider your gowns embellishments. If your bridal earrings gown has pearls, crystals or rhinestones on it, then pairing it with jewelry that uses those materials is the best way to coordinate your jewelry with your gown. There are many bridal jewelry designers out there that use quality pearls and crystals that will last a lifetime and become a true heirloom. There is a non-traditional method of mixing new with old. Most brides do the something old, something new, something borrowed something blue. A great way to incorporate the old with the new and possibly the borrowed is to take a piece of heirloom wedding rings you love from a family member or close friend and incorporate that jewelry into a new piece. Whether you take an older broach from grandma's jewelry drawer and have a jewelry designer take it and make it into a hair piece with some additional gems to spice it up or you transform a pendant from a necklace into a unique new necklace. There are special ways to incorporate your heirloom jewelry into your bridal look. More casual weddings call for a lighter touch with accessories. That may not mean any fewer pieces, just jewelry that is simpler in design. Let's say that you were planning a beach wedding. The full crown that is perfect for a cathedral would be totally out of place on a sandy beach. A pearl and crystal headband, though, would look wonderful and would also keep your hair from blowing in your face. To coordinate with your bridal headband, you could either layer in beach theme jewelry, or simple bridal jewelry sets with freshwater pearls and hints of crystal accents. Accessories are a critical part of the bridal ensemble. Without jewelry and a headpiece, the bride just does not look finished. The right bridal accessories will not only bring out the best in your wedding gown, but will also highlight your own best features to perfection.
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