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Revolution For Hair - Feather Hair Extensions

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-21
With the obscurity of current fashion today there is always something new which you may not initially perceive as being stylish. Fashion is not just about attire, shoes and the latest accessories -but about hair and make-up too and you may already, subconsciously abide by the latest hair and make-up styles. Eventually, the latest fashions become accepted to the point where something new and questionable appears in the market which is of a unique taste and then the circle continues. In order to be seen as stylish you will have to 'dare to be different' and others will copy. Styling your hair is an imperative attribute to your daily routine if you want to remain fashionable and glamorous - unless of course you are blessed with gorgeous natural hair which all the girls envy. If you are already familiar with hair extensions, then you will know they are a fantastic way of adding depth and length to your hair, and are a revolution of hair styling and their quality and affordability is proving very attractive to many fashionistas across the globe. As previously mentioned, hair extensions are becoming acceptable within the fashion industry, and a lot of people have these handy for either everyday use or for when dressing up for a big night out. The circle then needs to find something unique and daring to fill the previous reign of hair extensions and I think I have found just the thing - feather hair extensions. Feather hair extensions have had a small effect on the hair fashion industry but I personally think they are going to become more prominent in the upcoming seasons. You may be wondering what this innovative fashion accessory actually is. It is additional hair, to be attached to your own, made from natural products resembling feathers and enables you to add as little or as much into your hair as is necessary. Singer Ke$ha and actress Hilary Duff have been seen sporting this wonderful look recently, so I highly suggest you purchase yours before everyone else finds out about this new and innovative hair style. The day I invested in this feathered style, I saw them available in the standard length of 10' and after numerous discussions with myself I decided on the colour natural ginger. My hair is currently blond and I chose a colour which is similar to my own hair colour; but if you prefer to be bold and stand out from the crowd there's a vast variety of colours to choose from. My hair is a little shorter than 10' so I trimmed them down to the length of my hair with ease and used micro rings to fit the extensions which was also a very simple procedure that wasn't damaging to my own hair in any way. I wore these on a night out with the girls and was complimented countless times and was repeatedly asked the same question: 'where did you get these from, I've never seem them before?' It just proves that if one person dares to wear something brilliant and distinctive then others will acquire the confidence to buy some themselves. My final rating is definitely 5 stars. Feathered hair extensions are a fantastic hair accessory which is going to become more significant in the approaching fashion seasons.
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