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Quinceanera Jewelry And Accessories

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-19
Quinceanera dresses are extravagant, truly a cherished work of art that grabs the attention of everyone in the room. It's okay to show off in a Quinceanera dress, that's that their made for! Just because the dress is grand, it's not okay to skimp on the accessories, from the dress to shoes, the Quinceanera needs to look like the total package. The birthday girl is the main event. There was once a time when Quinceanera dresses were pretty plain: simple strapless bust with a sash and generally always pink. Nowadays Quinceranera fashions are through the roof with style, heavily adorned with intricate beading, perfectly poufed skirts with show stopping aminal prints and shocking colors. When the dress is already center stage it can be difficult to find complementary jewelry and accessories that coincide with the general look of everything. Just like dresses, there are trends for jewelry and accessories too. Stay ahead of the pack with the newest trends for 2012. Silver and gold are great but jeweled jewelry is making a comeback seen on the likes of the industry elite at red carpet galas like the Oscars and Emmys. Precious stones like rubies and gems evoke an aura of royalty for the wearer and admirers alike. Try to find the color of your birthstone for a personal touch. If not, emerald greens, ruby reds, and sapphire blues are just as pretty. Collared necklaces add a sophisticated touch as well as dangling teardrop earrings. Helen's Heart and Sassy South have beautiful jewelry at an even more affordable price. In medieval times, jewelry was a sign of wealth and status. Today, not much has changed, and being a girl, there are so many different options and ways to wear jewelry. Cocktail rings are great for girls that are into only wearing one statement piece at a time. Try a bedazzled panther or multicolored peacock ring, animal rings are a certified conversation starter. For multicolored and printed dresses, use a contrasting color for jewelry and accessories. For example, if the dress is black and white zebra print, wear red jewelry. If the dress is turquoise multi, choose another bright color like canary colored jewelry. The general rule for a girl is to take one piece off before she leaves the house, but with Quinceaneras, it's okay to pile on the jewels! Envision yourself as your favorite movie or music star. They are never afraid to stand out in a crowd. The main jewelry piece is of course, the Quinceanera crown. Quinceanera girls are queens for a night. There are many different types: silver, gold, short, tall, embellished, and simple but whatever type of crown a girl chooses to wear, her whole demeanor changes. When she wears a crown, her head stands a little bit higher, her posture is a little straighter, and she feels that much more confident: enter the Quinceanera queen! Though the shoes for a Quinceanera dress are usually hidden underneath the dress they are still important. Often times during the ceremony, the birthday girl's father takes his daughter's flat shoes off and replaces them with heels, symbolizing her step into adulthood. Once upon a time, Quinceaneras were the first event Spanish girls were allowed to wear heels. Quinceaneras are also filled with a lot of dancing and walking around mingling with the crowd. For girls that don't usually wear heels, look for a heel 3 inches or less, sturdy enough to withhold a lot of movement. Night Moves and Touch Ups have an assortment of cute shoes with fun designs and colors. Satin fabrics look more sophisticated and come in an array of hues to match Quinceanera dresses. Silver and gold heeled sandals are not only comfortable for a long night but can be worn again for future special events, like prom and weddings. Now that the Quinceanera shoes and jewelry are chosen, it's time to prepare for makeup and hair. The most popular choice for Quinceanera hair is curls because they are generally deemed more appropriate for dressy occasions compared to straight hair. When creating curls, volume is a must; it adds a more dramatic effect to any look. A simple style is a half up/half down 'do. Tease the crown of your hair and smooth back into a low ponytail with a jeweled hair clip. If your curls are looking a little drab create a side swept low ponytail for long hair or a chignon for short hair by sweeping hair to one side and securing with bobby pins. Braids are also a foolproof hairstyle that never goes out of style, whether a classic French braid in the front of hair or a trendy, low fishtail pony. Remember, decorations shouldn't be limited to clothes only, hair clips and hairbands add a fun element to any party attire and most importantly they work for all different hair types and looks. As for makeup, rosy cheeks and bright lips are popular amongst teenage girls. If mom permits, add false eyelashes for an even more high fashion look. Keep a small clutch by your side for lip gloss and powder touch ups between dancing and kissing cheeks. The only thing left to do is have an awesome night, you already look the part!
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