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Play Fashion Dress up Games For Girls

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-22
If you have a daughter, she probably loves to play dress up games. Whether it is at a party or play date, girls can spend hours entertaining themselves with dressing up. Fashion and dress up games give aspiring designers and models a chance to live out their dreams from the comfort of their own homes. While players may not be able to attend fashion shows in real life, video games give them the opportunity to simulate the experience and even create their own lines of clothing. There are many different types of dress up games that girls can play; all you need is some creativity and imagination. Fashion Show If your daughter loves to dress up, turn this into a fun game for her and her friends. Pull out several of your old clothes such as old formals, bridesmaids dresses, hats---any dress-up clothing that you do not mind getting dirty. You can also purchase several inexpensive boas from a craft or fabric store. Set out costume jewelry such as beads, bracelets and rings. Help the girls do their hair and makeup. Let them pick out clothes and put together fun outfits. After everyone is dressed up, have a fashion show set to fun music. The girls will have a great time walking down the runway. Improvisational Fashion This design and dress up game is good for older students and enthusiasts of fashion design--those who are old enough to be able to use sharp scissors and sew with a needle and thread without supervision. This game shows students that art is all around us and some of the best designs don't have to be made out of the most expensive materials. Provide students with materials that clothes and accessories aren't normally made of: potato sacks, paper bags, curtains, flags, plastic rings from six-packs of soda, sheets, aluminum foil, candy, candy wrappers and rugs. Provide students with tools so they can work and mold these materials into actual wearable, usable pieces; give them needles with strong thread, sharp scissors, staplers, hole punchers, hot glue guns, yarn, twine and shellac. Tell students that when finished they will have to try on each other's designs to make sure they're wearable. Computer Games There are many online sites that will allow kids to dress up their player. For example, Dressup.com is a fun site that allows you to pick a player. You can dress her up in party, casual or other fun outfits. She can apply makeup to her player as well. She can also fix her hair in fun styles and colors, and add accessories. Most of the sites have other games as well, and can interact with other players online. However, be sure to monitor your child's computer activity. This is a fun way for your daughter to play dress up. Paper Dolls Paper dolls have come a long way. If your daughter loves to dress up, she will love the new paper dolls. Most are now wooden with magnetic clothes to interchange. These dolls come with a wardrobe complete with shirts, pants, dresses, shoes and skirts. All outfits are interchangeable, so she can make several different outfits. You can even find sets that include best friends in one kit. They can share clothes and accessories. Your little girl can have hours of fun with her friends playing with the dress-up dolls. You can find paper dolls at most toy stores.
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