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Picture Frame Hair Bow Organizer - Make It Yourself

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-05
This is for you creative mom's out there that like to keep your little girls hair accessories neat and organized. I have a very inexpensive, and decorative way to do just that. It's a hair accessories organizer that you can make out of a picture frame. In just a few short steps, you'll have a nice organizer, and a decorative piece to hang on your little ones bedroom wall. The tools and materials needed for this project include: 1. Picture frame (Size will depend on how big you will need your organizer to be.) 2. Ribbon (Again, quantity will depend on how big your frame will be.) 3. Material (For backer board ) 4. Glue gun, and glue sticks (Both very inexpensive.) 5. Measuring tape. 6. Scissors. If you have an old picture frame lying around the house, that will work fine. If not, you can pick one up at your local WalMart, craft store, thrift store,or flea market. The first step is to take the back off of the frame, and carefully slide the glass out. Next, lay the board that held the glass in place on a flat surface, and completely cover the board with the material that you picked out for the back drop. When you cut out the material for the backer board, allow an additional 2' all the way around the perimeter so you will have an overlap to glue the material to the back of the board. Once you have the material cut to size, overlap 2' all the way around and hot glue the material to the backer board. Once you have your backer board wrapped and hot glued, it's time to cut and install your ribbon strips. The number of ribbon strips you install will depend on the size of your picture frame, the width of the ribbon you are using, and the number of bows that you intend to clip on the ribbon. The next step is personal preference. You can install ribbon strips from 1/2' to 2' depending on how you want to lay it out. Some people like all the same width of ribbon, and some like to alternate sizes. Either way, lay your board down flat, then wrap your ribbon over the front of the board allowing 2' at the top and bottom. Again, the 2' overlap will allow you the extra material to hot glue to the back of the board. The next step is spacing your ribbon across the board. This will depend on the size of bows you will be clipping onto the organizer. Start out by placing your first ribbon strip in the center, then space evenly from left to right. If your bows are small, you will probably do a space somewhere around 2'. For something larger, 4' spacing may be appropriate. When you have your ribbon strips cut to length, pull them tightly across the front, and don't forget to allow the 2' overlap. Hot glue both ends, and give the hot glue time to cool off. Once you have completed these steps, you're ready to slide the backer board back into the frame. You can hang the finished picture frame bow holder from a door, on a wall, or set it up on a dresser like you would any picture. This whole process can be done quickly and inexpensively.
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