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Picking the Perfect Bridal Tiara

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-19
Every bride needs the perfect accessories to make her look fabulous from head to toe. The bridal tiara is one of the most eye catching accessories, so you want to be sure to get just the right one. Here are some tips on how to pick the perfect tiara for your wedding day. Your tiara needs to coordinate with several different things. It should complement your gown, match the rest of your bridal jewelry, and work with your wedding hair. The perfect tiara will also tie in with the general style, theme, and formality of your wedding. When you find the right tiara, your entire look will fall into place. When you think of a tiara, your first impression might be 'princess'. It is certainly true that many tiaras have a regal bearing to them, and for some brides, this is exactly what they have in mind. However, even if you do not fancy yourself a princess bride, there is still a special piece of bridal hair jewelry out there for you. Some of the most popular styles for headpieces are actually rather understated, and fit closer to the head. For brides who love the idea of feeling like royalty for a day, it is the tiara that is really going to give them that effect. The most classic style of tiara has a fair amount of height to it, and usually peaks in the center, and then slants down a little shorter on the sides. They can be made of many materials, but for the most elegance and glamor, you cannot beat sparkling Swarovski crystals. Your tiara can be created entirely of crystals which are wired into a half-crown shape with no particular motif, or look for pieces which are made from a more structured frame with crystals added for embellishment. Teardrop shaped crystals look truly spectacular dangling from the top edge of a tiara for the most royal effect. Such an opulent headpiece calls for an equally fabulous hairstyle, often one with some height to it. If the princess style is not your thing, try a more delicate tiara. There are some lovely styles available in a sweet floral motif. These tiaras are often handcrafted with a mixture of freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals for a result that is feminine and subtle, with just a touch of sparkle. If you choose a tiara that has crystals attached by flexible silver wires, you will also find that your hairstylist can either bend the stems lower or fluff them higher to be the perfect accent for your hairdo. Some of the prettiest tiaras are not really tiaras at all, in the classic sense of the word. Headbands are becoming increasing popular among brides who want a headpiece that is both beautiful and very wearable. Many of the headbands have similar details to tiaras, only they lay flat on the head instead of projecting upwards. Single headbands made from crystals or pearls are one very nice option. For something a bit more unique, look for a double headband, which consists of two thin rows of pearls or crystals wired onto a band with two pieces that attach near the ear. The double headband is great because it has more presence than a single row, but it is still more subtle than a full tiara. The headband style tiaras are a great option for brides with short hair, as they will not be overwhelming (although they work equally well for brides with long hair). A double headband also serves as a great way to anchor your veil. Simply place the veil's comb between the two bands and you will have a slip-free veil that is also a snap to remove after the ceremony. The perfect bridal tiara will truly help to bring your wedding ensemble to its full potential. It is one of your most important accessories, so take the time to really look around. When you put on your special headpiece on your wedding day, you will feel like a million dollars!
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