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Making Indian Costumes Stand Out

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-26
People choose to wear Indian costumes for a number of different reasons. They are terrific Halloween costumes, for one thing. They are also used in plays and historical reenactments. Adults and children may opt to wear these costumes just for fun, playing dress-up for their own entertainment. It is possible to buy or make these costumes fairly easily. What you need to make sure of, however, is that you pay attention to the details. It is the little things, like accessories and hairpieces, which will really make a good Indian costume stand out. The most important thing that you can do when accessorizing your costume is to choose the right wig. For both men and women, this almost always means selecting a long dark wig. The only exception to this would be the man who chooses to style his hair into a dark Mohawk to accessorize his costume. The long-haired wig is commonly styled into braids for both men and women. However, loose hairstyles are also appropriate for both genders as long as the hair is straight and not wavy or curly. The wig isn't the only thing that matters when it comes to the head for wearing Indian costumes. It is also very important to select the right headpiece. Feathers are a favorite choice for people who are going for a traditional look. Both men and women may opt to wear a feathered headband atop their wigs. Feathers may also be braided into the hair or worn at the bottom of the braids. Men who want to go all out with their costumes may choose instead to wear a headdress. This is a full-sized headpiece, again made of feathers, which is representative of being an Indian Chief. These headpieces are normally made in bright colors although they may be designed with neutrally colored feathers as well. You want to make sure that you accessorize your costumes from head to toe. You've got the head part taken care of with your wigs and headpieces. Now you need to deal with your toes. The right footwear can make or break the appeal of your costume. For Indian costumes, you want to wear traditional Indian footwear. You may choose to wear moccasins, leather sandals or fringed, animal-fur boots. Of course, this is just a costume so as long as you find shoes that are similar in style to these then your costume should look fine. Finally, you will want to accessorize your costume with Indian weapons. This helps to recreate the entire lifestyle of the character that you are trying to evoke. The bow and arrow is the most popular choice for a weapon accessory. A quiver full of arrows or a traditional hunting spear would be other options. However, not everyone enjoys carrying around a bow and arrow or a spear while wearing their costumes because that can seem cumbersome. A tomahawk or a traditional hunting knife worn on the side of the waist is another option that is available to you. The clothing that you make or buy will be the primary part of choosing an Indian costume. However, Indian costumes are much more genuine and interesting when they are accessorized so that they stand out. Take the time to choose a wig, a headpiece, a weapon and the right shoes to make your costume look great. If you're just playing dress-up then these added touches will make your imaginary fun seem much more fantastic. And if you're engaging in a historical performance then these little touches will provide a much more realistic appearance for your costume.
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