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Making Geisha Wigs The Oriental Way

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-30
The Japanese culture and ancient character is relived by the diversified Geisha costumes and accessories, of which the Geisha wigs play an enormous role. Even though Geisha's are rarely found in today's scenario, one definitely comes across several characters played and based on the roles of a Geisha. These make it necessary for the protagonists to adopt the costume style of the Geishas, which is highly incomplete without adopting the traditional hairstyle. Making of Geisha Wigs The Geisha hair styles are generally very difficult to imitate and can be done only by the local hair stylists aware of the same. Also it is very time taking to set the geisha original style. Because of these reasons, wigs in the style and fashion of Geisha hair styles have become extremely popular. Following are the essential materials required in making of a Geisha hair wig: Foremost thing needed is a plain black hair wig and few packages of weave glue and black weave hair. A black hair band and a wig cap would also be required. A packet of bobby or black hair pins is needed so as to keep your hair set and secure. Decorative hair accessories like colorful hair pins, bands or even flowers would add style and grace to the wig. Thereafter, follow the below elaborated process of making Geisha wigs, after accumulating all of the above and other necessary items: First thing to do is to wrap your natural hair around the head with the help of a few hair pins or make thin braids out of it. Then, properly place the wig of black hair on your head and make a loose pony tail out of it with the help of a scrunchie or an elastic rubber band. Technically, this scrunchie should be placed at around the back neck area and nowhere near the top portion of your head. Now, you need to grab this rubber band or the scrunchie over to the top-middle portion of your head and push it down till the time it meets the area between the top and the middle portion of your head. This action has the effect of creating a mushroom hair style, as the wig hair folds all over your face and neck. Now, use the remaining hanging hair to encircle the 'mushroom' part of the wig, with the help of hair pins and set it in a circular manner around it. Make sure that the rubber band or scrunchie is not visible and has been completely covered by the remaining hair. Once complete, you can accessorize it with different colored pins and flowers. You could even use the traditional Japanese hair sticks to accessorize the Geisha bun by placing them in a cross 'X' manner, with the help of the bobby hair pins. If you don't wish to take so much of the pains then it is best to buy the readily available neat and tidy geisha wigs online.
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