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KRYPTONATE Beats By Dr. Dre Studio!

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-18
Today we're taking a looat the the KRYPTONATE Beats By Dr. Dre Studio. First of all if you have noticed already, you can see the KRYPTONATE Beats Studio headphones are all in completely green. When looking up close, they are actually gradually going from a light green to a dark green, a darker green all the way around. Giving a quick overview on the headphones, you can see the green on the earcups matches the green up on the headband. The battery cover of KRYPTONATE Studio is in light green with outer ring, then dark green surrounding the 'b' logo in center in light green matching the outer ring. Going up a little further, you've got the Nike symbol and number '4', and then the Monster logo which all Beats Studio have. Up on the headband, you can see 'beats' in red and 'by dr. dre' in black. Hand over to the other side of the headphones, you've got another Monster logo as well as the KRYPTONATE symbol. On the other side you've got the matching headphone cup that is exactly the same, except that it is not a battery cover, it is just the ON/OFF switch that works perfectly. Going over to the earcups. These cushions are very very soft. On the right side of the headband you can see a very nice blue mettalic color says 'MONSTER' while the left side says 'studio'. The cushion up on the top is very soft, just like the earcup cushions. So these KRYPTONATE Beats by Dr Dre Studio headphones would give you hours of comfortable listening time. The hinges of the Nate Robinson Beats Studio headphones line up perfectly and they fold up very nicely. They come with a standard carrying case that all the studios do come with. So that option is very valuable to you as well. Inside the box, you get all the standard accessories. You've got the black cables, red cables, airline adaptor, bigger adaptor for studio use. Overall, if you're looking for some headphones that under $200 that can give you quite a style along with some pretty azaming sound for that price takes, these KRYPTONATE Beats By Dr. Dre Studio headphones are definitely the exact headphones to check out. $199.00 Beats By Dr.Dre Studio Nate Robinson (Apple green) http://www.highdiscountshop.com/beats-drdre-studio-nate-robinson-apple-green-p-104.html KRYPTONATE Beats Studio, KRYPTONATE Dr Dre Studio, Nate Beats Studio, Nate Dr Dre Studio, KRYPTONATE Beats by Dr Dre Studio
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