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Jeweler's Loupe - Get Up Close And Personal

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-29
When I first started metal detecting, I had no idea of the things that I would learn. As with any hobby there were accessories that proved to be very helpful. When you first started you had no idea that they even existed or that you would need them. I quickly learned I needed some sort of magnification. Some of the coins that I would find were not in the greatest of shape and in order to properly identify them and classify them, I needed something that would magnify the surface, allowing me to see things that I could not see otherwise. I also learned that in order to determine what type of metal some of the jewelry I was finding was made of, I needed some sort of magnification device. What were those things called the you always see a jeweler using. Sometimes they were shaped like glasses and other times it looked as if they were holding a shot glass to their eye. This tool is called a jeweler's loupe. Now this was the perfect tool that would help me identify coins and jewelry more precisely. I must find one because my eyes just could not give me the results that I needed. You do not have to be a jeweler to use a loupe and a loupe can tell you much more than what lies on the surface. Using a loupe properly will allow you to see inside precious stones, such as diamonds and emeralds. This will help you to determine real stones from fakes stones, their clarity and quality as well.
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