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How to Wash Clip in Extensions

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-03
Want to add length, color and volume, then now is the time to use Clip-in hair extensions. It is easy to remove clip-in extensions once your hair is ready, as they are added to your natural hair using clips. Extensions require cleaning to look good as they will be added to your hair. It loses its luster because of dirt buildup, sweat and styling products. It is very easy to know when to wash the hair by noticing the extensions becoming greasy or tangle. 1. You will be in need of wire clothes hanger, towel, conditioner, shampoo and a brush to clean your hair. Brush out the tangles after removing the clip-in extension. 2. Extension needs to be soaked in lukewarm water and also it needs to be soaked wet. 3. Extension needs to be applied with shampoo in dime-size and also massage the hair. 4. Hair extension must be washed downward motion only. Squeezing and rubbing the hair gently slide down the shampoo over the hair. 5. Using clear and warm water, rinse the shampoo from the extension. 6. For extension, apply a dime-size of conditioner and by gently moving up and down the extension, slather the hair in conditioner. 7. Before rinsing, allow the conditioner to be on place for five minutes. 8. Remove off the excess water and pat with towel till it gets dried up. 9. Hand your hair clip to wire clothes hanger and hang it on your door knob or bathroom curtain and the hair should be air dried completely. Here are some of the tips and warnings for washing clip in extensions. Never wash or dry with heat because this may damage the hair if you are using synthetic extensions. Also if you want ythe extension to be used effective and not to get breakage, never brush when it is wet.
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