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How to Use a FHI Flat Iron

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-26
As a multifunctional tool The FHI flat iron not only straighten the hair but also flip, curve, and crimp the hairs. Since it has the Automatic Heat Sense Recovery System, its plates are reheated each time when you apply it on your hair. Thus an even distribution of heat can be got throughout. Even if your hair is curly or wavy, FHI Flat Iron straightens it quickly. It is a smart investment or a good buy for the one who uses it regularly. This Iron is available in different plates, ranges from 1 inch to 1 A� inches and can be used on different hair lengths. Things needed for straighten the hair are hair clips and heat protectant. Instructions Heat up the iron to a lower temperature. It is always better to begin with a lower temperature and slowly turn in to higher if needed. Part the hair for ironing. Use the hair clips to hold the part of the hair, which is currently not being used, away from the Iron. The selected section for ironing now should not be more than 1 inch thicker or wider. To each section, apply heat protectant before ironing. After opening the plates, place it at the root of the hair. Be careful not to touch the scalp. Press together to close the plate and pull it down slowly till the end of the hair. Repeat this for the entire hair. Warnings and Tips. Use the iron only on dry and clean hair. Before using, the heat of the Iron can be tested on a slightly wet tissue. If the tissue burn or if its color changes, the plate is too hot. It is easier to start ironing from back of the head and moving forward. Always try to keep temperature low. Hairs become damaged by the extreme heat. Do not iron daily; hair can be frail and shriveled.
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