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How to Rock The Vintage Look This Autumn

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-28
Vintage clothing is a tricky beast. One or two well-made vintage pieces can complete an outfit, but too much vintage and you look like you're ready for a costume party. Putting together an ensemble with vintage pieces can be a daunting task, but with a little help you can successfully rock the vintage look this autumn! One of the biggest trends this autumn is fur. From accent vests to coats and jackets, fur adds a lux quality to any ensemble. This is fortunate for vintage clothing enthusiasts, as you can frequently find fur pieces in thrift or vintage clothing shops. Fur raises some ethical questions, and while most modern fashions are made of fake fur, you can often find real vintage fur pieces. Make sure that the pieces are in good condition, and make sure that the colours and styles flatter your figure. If you're cautious about wearing fur, maybe try a hat or a collar, to add just a touch of luxury. Velvet is another trend that is resurfacing this season. When looking for vintage velvet pieces, pay special attention to the cut. Velvet can lend a classic, Victorian touch, but be wary of velvet pieces from the late 80s/early 90s so that your look is not overly dated. A dress, blazer, or pair of velvet pants will add a classy touch to any outfit. If you find vintage velvet ribbon you could even tie it on as a headband, or as a bow around a ponytail. Lace! Is there a fabric as feminine or as whimsical as lace? It can take even the simplest look and transcend it into something charming. You can go all out and wear a lace dress, or wear a lace camisole or shell under a sweater for just a hint of sweetness. When buying vintage lace pay extra attention to the condition. Beware of any visible discolourations or fraying on the edges of the lace, which could quickly unravel. Keep an eye out for vintage slips, too. These are often passed over, but a bit of lace peeking out from under an otherwise conservative skirt adds a bit of provocative flair. Leather jackets never seem to go out of style, and fortunately vintage leather jackets are usually plentiful. Leather jackets are another one of those pieces where you have to be careful of the cut of the piece. You want a timeless look, not one that screams 1983. Make sure the jackets are in good condition, and if you want to it might be a good idea to get them professionally cleaned and weather treated. So hit those vintage clothing and thrift shops and keep an eye out for pieces that fit in with this season's trends! Just keep in mind that you are using vintage clothing to create a modern look. You're not recreating a look from the past or playing dress up; you're incorporating vintage clothing into your own style!
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