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How To Position Bridal Tiaras

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-14
Tiaras are a wedding norm often one which makes a bride feel like a princess on her big day. But it's something you're not used to wearing and you may be unsure of how they should be worn. So is there a right way to wear a tiara? Actually there isn't a correct way to wear a wedding tiara, I'm sure someone will argue with me though. There are lots of different ways to wear a tiara, it can be worn at the front of the head, on the crown, even at the back. The placement of the wedding tiara does depend on how you're wearing your hair. We'll take a look at each spot in turn and how hair styles influence this decision of where the tiara should be placed. Wearing a tiara at the front of the head A wedding tiara can be worn just on the parting of your fringe and the remainder of the hair. This is a wonderful place if you aim to backcomb the front of your hair and your tiara is short enough to frame it. For example a bride that I worked with had a very dainty tiara featuring butterflies, it was created from wire so you could see her hair through the natural spaces in the bridal tiaratiara, the top part of her hair was back combed to give it a more height and had she wore the tiara anyway else it would have got lost in her lovely hair. Positioning a wedding tiara on the top towards the back of your head. If you're aiming to wearing your tiara on the top of your head towards the back make sure you've not increased the height to the front of your hair otherwise your wedding tiara won't be seen. Most people will class this as the 'traditional' position to wear a tiara. If your tiara band is long, ensure that it is bendable enough to be moulded around your head with grips so the ends of the band don't stick out. Wearing a tiara at the back of the head It's far more uncommon to wear a wedding tiara around the back your head but it increases the interest to the back of you which is what most people see during the ceremony. Wearing a wedding tiara around the back of the head is much more difficult than any other position so you might want to ask your hair dresser for advice. If you're wearing your bridal tiara around the back make sure you have something of interest in the front such as crystal or pearl pins. Using your tiara as a bun wrap If you buy a flexible tiara these can effortlessly be used as bun wraps and secured with grips. If you're hoping to do this ensure you pick a tiara with a thin wire tiara base which is flexible enough to be bent and won't resist being pinned into place. Some tiara bases which are manufactured just won't do this, so always ask if you're in any doubt. Wearing a tiara with loose hair You may have decided to do your own hair on your wedding day and for most, the easiest way is to wear it down. If this is what you'd like to do consider wearing it at the front of the head. Tiaras aren't worn in the same place as a headband, so to get it right, just place it on the top of your head and push the ends down a little. Make sure they are hidden under your hair and secure with a grip or two.
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