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How to Make Yourself Feel Better With Colour in

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-23
Research shows that colour in fact does impact your mood. So why not try to wear bright and cheery colours like bright pinks, soothing greens, violet or vibrant orange. You can take a similar colour from your outfit and pair an accessory with a bright colour. You can choose from a sequin belt or even a funky hat! The best way to create balance to your mood is with the colour green which is to give feelings of peace, harmony and rest. If you have had a stressful day the colour green would be best. A pretty flower hair clip in a nice green would be calming. If you are feeling you need a hug, orange is your best colour for this as its positive attributes are warmth, security and physical comfort. A nice orange sequin stretchy headband with a rhinestone centered white flower would not only bring pop to your wardrobe, but would give you that warming effect. If you've had an argument with a loved one, why not try bright pink! Pinks evoke love, femininity and tranquility. A pretty sunhat with a bright pink giant flower on the side is the perfect pairing to any outfit. For a bad day at school or work try violet. It brings spiritual awareness, containment and truth. A beautiful fabric flower hair band would brighten that mood in no time! If you want the latest in spring colours, wear tangerine, mint, citron yellow, kelly green or coral pink. They are all bright and cheerful colours to enlighten anyones mood. In all cases flowers in hair accessories will make you feel a lot happier since they are beautiful. There are so many to choose from now it might make your choice a bit difficult, however it is a lot of fun to do. There are flower hair clips, flowers on headbands, flowers on hats and flower barrettes. They are the latest in kids accessories and ladies. They come in all kinds of bright colours. As well buying a hair accessory to make you feel better won't break the bank. These pretty and large flowers are usually priced very low which makes it easier to buy multiple flowers in different colours and designs. You can find these flowers online at many sites which makes for an easy shopping experience. These can be paired with your favourite jeans or a pretty sundress. You can dress up an outfit very easily with any bright accessory. Not only will it make your mood less blue, but your outfit will pop!
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