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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair With The

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-16
Easily trim and shave all body zones with the Norelco bodygroom. It is a convenient all-in-one body grooming system, exclusively for men. It is safe and easy to use. There are three different bodygroom models to choose from. The first model is the Bodygroom BG2020, the second one is the Bodygroom Plus BG2030 and the third one is the Bodygroom Pro BG2040. All three models are 100% water proof, adding to the convenience of trimming and shaving your body in the shower, as well as making them very easy to clean. Bodygroom BG2020 This Norelco bodygroom is skin friendly, it provides the best performance and feels wonderful. It has a trim and shave head with integrated self-sharpening pre-trimmers at both sides of the groomer, so you will be able to get a close shave in one stroke (even with longer hair). Comfortably trim and shave all body zones safely and avoid skin irritation. Effortlessly create the look you want by using the 3 combs, included, for several hair lengths. The fixed length settings are 3, 5 and 7 mm. This body groomer is ideal for grooming while in the shower, because it can be used wet and dry. This cordless unit will last 50 minutes, when fully charged, offering you freedom on-the-go. A charging stand is included to provide convenient storage and ensures the appliance is fully charged and ready to use. Bodygroom Plus - BG2030 This particular Norelco bodygroom provides the perfect finish, even for the most sensitive body zones. This all-over body grooming system includes uniquely designed attachments that are perfect for trimming and shaving, even in sensitive body zones. The extra-large trimming guide is perfect for getting fast results on larger areas like your chest, abs and legs. Use the extra-sensitive XS trimming guide where the most safety is required, such as intimate areas or underarms. The high performance 32 mm wide trimmer is designed to work on all types of body hair. Because of the integrated self-sharpening pre-trimmers at both sides of the groomer, you will be capable of getting a close shave in one stroke. You can easily select and lock your desired length by using the 5 integrated settings of up to 11mm. The battery last 50 minutes. The LED light on the unit displays a battery status of either full, low or charging. A charging stand is included for easy charging and storage. Bodygroom Pro - BG2040 This ultimate body groomer is the most comfortable all-in-one body groomer, exclusively for men. It is designed to provide maximum comfortability when trimming or shaving, so your skin feels great. Effortlessly trim and shave all body zones with optimal comfort. This dual-ended product provides a more convenient experience. The trimmer has a head with a comb offering 5 different hair length options on one end, while providing a shaving head for a close shave on the other. The 3-dimensional pivoting head adjusts to every curve, following the contours of your body, for a close and comfortable shave. The patented pearl tip trimmer and hypo-allergenic metal shaving foil prevent skin discomfort for ultimate body comfort. The rounded tips provide smooth contact with your skin, while the sharp cutting edges deliver excellent results. Striped ergonomic rubber grips on each side ensure a non-slip grip, even while wet, for the utmost control while grooming your body. A fully charged battery offers 50 minutes of powerful cordless operation. While a 10 min quick charge will give you 10 minutes of grooming time, so it is always ready when you are. The unit also shows the battery status. A solid green light indicates a fully charged battery. The light blinks orange when there is only about 10 minutes of battery power remaining on the device.
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