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How to Clip in Your Hair Extensions

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-04
If you are someone who has short or medium length hair, and want to grow it out rather quickly - it's a good idea to look into hair extensions. This is a great way to get the desired length you want for a special upcoming event. Imagine if you planned on going to a wedding, or even for 'Girls night out', you can wear your extensions. Not only do they make your hair look more beautiful, but extensions can also create the illusion of looking younger. The only problem is that you have never worn these before in your hair and therefore, do not know how to put them in. It's simple really and here is some step by step instructions on how to clip in your hair extensions. 1. Be prepared before you start You'll need two large clips in order to pin your hair up. Also, don't forget bobby pins, your brush, and of course - hair extensions. Make sure you have the clip on type which has about one to four clips on each hair piece. 2. Place your hair up in a high pony tail You want all the hair out of trick is to put up most of your hair in a pony tail, while leaving the lower back strands hanging out. You should leave about four inches of hair out and that way you can layer the extensions over them when you are ready. 3. Place your hair extensions over your natural hair Starting with the hairline at the back of your head, align the teeth clips in the hairline area, about 1 inch below it to get a good grip. Push the clip inwards, closing it. Now it should hold securely in place. 4. Undo your pony tail and pull more hair down Gently undoing your pony tail, take a few strands down once again - just enough to cover the clips of your first piece. Add another 3 clip or 4 piece clip over the hair, making sure everything is covered. This way no one will see the clips and it will blend in naturally. Now put your hair back up in a pony tail. 5. Start adding clips from the bottom area Start with the side area now that you have finished with the back. In order to clip in your hair extensions, you should begin with the bottom and work your way up once again. Using the same steps listed above, you can add anywhere from two to five pieces on each side - depending on the volume you want or if you would just like to extend your hair. As you can see, learning how to clip in your hair extensions is easy. It's always a good idea to look over some videos online on how to do this because it actually involves visual learning as well. Almost anyone can pull this off, and with your hair extensions - you can create many different looks before you go out.
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