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How to Choose the Color for Your Quince Dress?

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-23
However, the quince dresses are essential when you are going to hold a Quinceanera, as we all know, the Quinceanera is traditional celebration for the girl's 15th birthday, and it is a translation for the girl from girlhood to womanhood. In general, most of the girls like the princess quinceanera dresses(click here to find more), of course, you can choose the other color for your dresses not only the traditional color. How to choose the right color for your dress? Following the next content and find it. According to your skin or hair: Choose a quince dress that complements your hair or skin color for a flattering look. For girls with a darker complexion, any dress color complements the skin tone. Those with lighter complexions look flattering in dress colors that are darker than the skin, as light-colored dresses tend to wash out the complexion. You may also look for dresses that complement the hair color. If you have medium-colored hair, choose a dress in lighter red, green or blue palettes. Those with dark hair can choose deeper, jeweled-toned colors to keep the hair from overpowering the dress. Pink or white: Traditionally, quinceanera ballgown dresses are pink or white, though in some countries white is only for wedding ceremonies. A white gown allows you to use a variety of colored accessories, including sashes or shoes to add a pop of color to the dress. In a quinceanera, a complementary color is often used throughout the ceremony or for the damas' dresses, so that color may also serve as an accent to a pink or white dress. Based on the themed colors: Choose your dress color based on the theme of your quinceanera. For example, if you wanted a tropical or beach-themed celebration, select from colors such as jade, teal, lilac or yellow. Multicolored gowns can be customized to work with a particular color palette from the celebration, theme or personal interest. For example, if you have a black and white theme, choose a white dress with black edging or sash to complement the decor. The bright colors: Modern quinceanera dresses come in a variety of color palettes, including bright colors. Aqua, hot pink, orange and fuchsia are all examples of brightly colored quinceanera dresses. For a girl who wants to stand out in her quinceanera, a brightly colored dress complements neutral decor within the celebration dinner. Bright colors are ideal choices during spring and summer quinceanera celebrations, since the seasons naturally feature a brighter, bolder color palette.
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