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Hot and Unique Trends for Bridal Hair Pieces

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-28
Bridal hair pieces can be many things. Traditionally they include tiaras, headbands, hair pins or combs. However, these days, tradition is being thrown out of the window. Brides who want to really stand out are opting for something out of the ordinary. The bridal hairpiece can make or break the look of a bridal ensemble. However, matching your hair piece perfectly to your dress is no longer a rule. A bride wants to express her personality on her wedding day will find that a statement hair piece is a great way to do so. Below are some hot trends for the daring bride. Oversized bows: Many designers are making oversized bows for the hair. They usually come in the form of a headband or comb. They can be placed in the front of the head, and most popularly, the back of the head to emphasize an updo. The bow is a wink and nudge to the vintage wedding movement. Think Breakfast at Tiffany's. If you like that look, try a bow. Just make sure that it does not compete with a heavily-beaded dress. Bows are meant more for simple dresses and to be seen as the focal point of the bridal look. Large colored flowers: Away with white flowers and in with flowers with lots and lots of color. Oversized flowers, fake or real, are a great way to add a splash of color to a bridal look. They too come in either the form of a headband or comb. The flowers can be worn just about anywhere you would put a traditional bridal hair piece... side of the head, front (if you are really brave), or in the back. Popular colors include deep purples, bright oranges, red, yellow and even green! Choosing a colored flower for your headpiece is also the perfect way to tie in your wedding colors, but in no way do they have to match. Just think of colors that complement each other. Hats: Since the royal wedding of William and Kate, hats have become all the rage when it comes to the daring bride, and even guests! Some brides are actually opting to wear top hats. This is a cute idea if you are having a fun, non-traditional wedding. Other bridal hats include smaller caps that are most like attached to a bird cage veil, and large, oversized garden-style hats (think the Kentucky Derby). This look would be ideal for a vintage wedding.
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