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Headband Loupes - Free Up Your Hands

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-22
Headband loupes are most commonly used by jewelers and watch makers alike. They come in a few different styles and many different magnifications. One style looks like a pair of glasses or a small welders mask and the other style simply wraps around your head and sits on your eye like an eye patch. Maybe this style should be called a pirates loupe, argghhh. They both are available with magnification as low as 1x and as high as 10x. There are also some models that have built in lights. There is one main benefit to using this type of loupe. When you are using a handheld loupe, you can't really do much other than look at the object and there is nothing wrong with that but sometimes you might want to be able to use your hands. If you need to make repairs or adjustments a hand held jewelers loupe is not going to work. Jewelers and watch makers have got to be able to use both of their hands while they work. A headband loupe solves this problem. It will free up both of your hands and allow you to work on such small items while they are being magnified. This is the main reason that this is the preferred loupe of jewelers and watch makers. They have to be able to use both of their hands to work on such small pieces of jewelry and the intricate parts of a watch. A headband loupe will cost you about the same as a handheld model and owning one of each is a great idea. You can keep the handheld model in your pocket and the headband version at the shop.
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