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Hairstyle How To - Prom Homecoming And Quinceanera

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-03
Getting dolled up is all a part of the fabulous process in the preparation of getting ready for Homecoming dances, proms, pageants, and Quinceaneras. Admit it, it feels great to be pampered and look like a red carpet star, even it is only for a night. Take a venture out of the norm and try a super glamorous look for your special night that will make everyone take a second look. And what's great about these simple styles is that they can easily be achieved at home (maybe with a little help from your mom or friend!) Homecoming dances are a little less formal than traditional prom dances. The themes are a little more carefree and the pressure generally isn't as big to have everything perfect. With that being said, this is the time to match the same effortless style in the hairstyles for Homecoming. One big hairstyle trend that is making a huge comeback is braids. There was once a time when girls only wanted stick thin straight hair or Victoria Secret model style volume but a little decoration can be fun too! Unlike childhood braids adorned with ribbons and bows this season it's all about creating new looks like the fish tail braid (resembling a fish scale), french braids made popular by celebs like Lauren Conrad, and small braided plaits decorating loose hair that we have seen on the red carpet stars like Kristin Stewart. There are great hair tutorials on websites like Pinterest and Youtube where users can find out how to create hairstyles in their own homes, usually only in a few short steps using items that they already have around their house. What's awesome about braids is that they can update a classic look and complement an edgy hairstyle perfectly. For girls with long hair, swoop bangs to one side and French braid to the scalp down to the ear and secure with bobby pins or a hair clip. Create loose waves throughout the loose sections of hair with a large barrel curling iron and spray with hairspray for sweat proof curls. For girls with shorter hair, channel your inner Heidi by parting hair down to the middle of your head, creating two ponytails. Braid each ponytail and sweep braids over each other into the middle of your head. Secure with bobby pins and pull a few face framing hair strands down for a messy look. When prom time comes, it's okay to be a little bit more dramatic. Envision the prom like the hometown Oscars and paparazzi will be waiting at the door. For a sleeker hairstyle a classic low ponytail with a center or side part is understated elegance at its finest, especially if it complemented a heavily bedazzled prom dress. It also works for all hair textures. Smooth back the crown with mousse or gel to prevent frizz and flyaways. For girls that have long hair and want to try a short hair style out but don't want to do the big chop, swoop the ends of hair underneath the nape of your neck and secure with pins creating the illusion of having short hair. For girls with short and long hair look to Marilyn Monroe for inspiration and create old school Hollywood waves. This style is a lot easier to create than it may seem. First, make sure hair is clean and dry, and roll small sections of hair with heated rollers. Keep rollers in for about fifteen minutes at the most. Let hair cool for a minute, and then use a paddle brush to create the loose waves. For shiny hair apply finishing gloss and make a deep side part for an even more sophisticated look. Viola! Quincenaera girls want to feel and look like queens. Quinceanera dresses are already elaborate and detail oriented on their own, so the hairstyle must coincide with the attire. For girls taking a more traditional route for their Quinceanera theme, tease hair at the crown, pull back the top of hair and secure with a jeweled hair clip to create a half down/half up hairstyle. Create curls with a 1/3 inch curling iron and spray with hairspray. For more fun add some flowers to your hair. For girls that want an edgier look, smooth strands with a flat iron and brush hair back with boar bristle brush. Apply a dime sized ball of styling gel into your hands and rub it back from your hairline to the crown of your head. If sleek strands aren't your thing, separate hair into several sections and curl with a medium barrel curling iron. Add in colored hair pieces if you want a little more flair, just make sure they are human and not synthetic if you wish to curl those pieces as well. Practice makes perfect when trying to achieve the perfect hairstyle. Try out the desired hairstyle a few days before the special night to ensure that it will work when it's time to prepare to go out. Special events can be expensive, cut costs where you can by doing your own makeup and hair. There are even virtual hairstyle websites that allow users to upload a picture of their faces and try out different hairstyles online. When going out, keep several bobby pins and a small brush or comb inside your bag for touch ups on the go. But try not to dwell too hard on how perfect your hair looks throughout the night, messy hair just means you've had the time of your life!
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