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Hair Ye, Hair Ye: Hair Care Tips For Your Baby

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-21
It has been said that the moment a child is born, a mother is also born. A woman may exist for many years, but she only becomes a mother once she gives birth to her child. And indeed, I'm sure a lot of news moms would love to tell their babies: 'Oh, come on, we're both new here!' Being a new parent can be very overwhelming, to say the least. There is always one more new thing to learn and to remember: one more lullaby to hum, one more tantrum to hush, one more poop to scoop, one more hour of snooze to lose, and inevitably, one more 'I told you so' from your own mother. But what you get in exchange is the privilege of experiencing what could be the greatest love you will ever know. It's easy to get distracted by the many needs of the newest member of your family. This is not as easy as getting a new kitchen appliance. Babies don't come with a manual, unfortunately. Even so, motherhood will not be the exciting journey that it is without the challenges along the way. But to get at least one thing out of the way, here's a little 101 on taking care of your baby's hair. Baby hair care is often overlooked. Admit ityou don't think much about your baby's three and a half strands of hair. While your baby may have very little hair, it's very sensitive and must be cared for properly. Be gentle. As infants generally have very little hair, there is no need to wash it every day. Do it on an as-needed basis or every few days. Be very careful not to go obsessive-compulsive on your child. Applying pressure to the soft spot on top of your baby's head will endanger her. Bye Bye Tears. A lot of babies and small children hate to have their hair washed. No, not because they are lazy and sloppy. That's called adolescence. But that's a whole other story. One reason could be that their shampoo has stung their eyes once before and they are afraid that it might happen again. One solution is to make sure you buy a shampoo that is especially formulated for babies. Speaking of baby shampoos... These products are most likely made with very mild ingredients that don't sting the eyes. They are also free of sulfates that are in most adult shampoos. However, also consider that baby shampoos tend to have a higher pH-balance, which causes hair to tangle. One solution is to switch to very mild shampoos as your child grows older and develops longer hair. Now, the hard part. How exactly do you do it? In general, it's easiest to gently recline your baby while holding her in the bath. But brace yourself because when in this position, babies often experience a reflex and get frightened. Just make sure you hold your baby securely and put her at ease by speaking in a comforting tone. Make bath time an enjoyable time for her. So the baby hair is clean but a mother's job does not end there. Of course you have to style it! Especially if it's a baby daughter we're talking about, a mother can never be passionate enough to make her child look her best (and perhaps show her off to the neighbors afterwards). Hair horrors. But your baby's barely-there hairstyle isn't doing her any favors, as all she keeps getting are praises for how adorable HE is and how HE takes after HIS father. You try to dress her in pink but some people can be clueless and/or blind. A neon sign saying 'SHE'S A GIRL!!!' might be out of your budget. A cheaper solution: baby hair clippies. Here, Clippy, Clippy. Aside from the usual baby items, a lot of baby boutiques now carry hair accessories specifically designed for babies' wispy, delicate hair. Look for brands that have hair accessories that stay in place even with just a few strands of hair. It is important that these are non-slip clips for a strong hold, but doesn't tug at her hair. This spares you from the pain of having to clip and re-clip and re-clip those little things. Of course, these should come in the most excruciatingly adorable designs! They are great ideas for baby gifts, as well. A lot of parents go all out on baby gear, but hey, sometimes little girls need a little glamour too!
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