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Hair Styles From The Victoria Victoria Beckham

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-23
One of the most well-known events in every fashionistas lifetime is New York Fashion week. The Big Apple is renowned for its diverse sense of style, welcoming established, hard-working designers to the catwalk to showcase their beautiful, unique collections. Having Brit Victoria Beckham displaying her 2012 range was inspirational for English girls as it shows that hard work certainly pays off! Have a look at some of the styles from Victoria's range. Victoria Beckham notoriously likes to keep her designs simple, showing off the elegant and ladylike figure, but leaving that extra touch of class to the imagination. The Autumn 2012 line shown at New York Fashion Week showed precisely this - edgy, high fashion pieces and super slick styles. The first set of girls to take to the runway wore beautiful knee length dresses. Each in a stunning statement colour (for example electric blue and royal red) with minimal accessories and make up. The hair was also kept simple and sleek, in side partings set deep on the head, just above the ear. The hair was straightened and slicked down to maintain elegance. The next set of girls portraying the Victoria, Victoria Beckham Autumn 2012 range were slightly more styled, with round necked doll-like dresses, reaching just above the knee, but still in-keeping with Victoria's high end, high fashion theme. These girls had their hair parted in the centre as opposed to the side, and all of them wore their locks in low ponytails. The low ponytail is set to be a high trend for 2013, as it shows a relaxed but still styled look, and is perfect for a lazy day as well as a night out on the town. For a few more of Victoria's dresses from her Victoria, Victoria Beckham line, the stylish singer spiced things up with contrasting dresses to the models' skin tones. The designer made a conscious effort to keep those with paler complexions wearing a bold, black dress. For example, one model was wearing a knee length, deep V necked babydoll dress, which appeared even more dazzling by the pale skin and minimal make up of the model. Again, a low ponytail was used to keep the focus on the clothing. Victoria herself kept her appearance slick and on point as always, with her tousled brown hair gracing just below her shoulders. While Victoria Beckham is lucky enough to have naturally luscious hair, sometimes she does use hair extensions to help her out! If you would like to do the same, visit Bloomsbury of London today.
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