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Hair Bun - The Way to Make an Easy and Strong Hair Bun

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-21
Hair bun can be said as the easiest hair style ever. Yes of course, because the way to make it is so simple. However, though it is easy to make, the look will be so tidy and natural. There are many kinds of hair bun, but this time, we will talk about the simple one. To make the easiest hair bun, you don't need any tools but a single band. Just using your hands and a single band will make you looked pretty and stylish. Here are the easy and smart guides to do a quick and easy bun. 1. First of all, prepare a band. You can choose any type of band and put it on your one hand, your wrist, ready to use. If a rush is available, you can brush your crown first. If there is no hairbrush, it doesn't matter at all. 2. Fling your crown over your head, and then rapidly fling it back again. In other words, fling them forward. 3. As soon as you fling back them, grasp it with your hands. Hold it in a ponytail style. 4. Don't tying up the ponytail, in fact, you need to twist them clockwise, or counter-clockwise, either way will do. 5. You may notice that as the crown is twisted, it will wrap around itself into a coil. 6. When it is fully coiled, directly hold it with one hand. 7. While you holding your bun with one hand, use the other hand to get a band and wrap it around the bun until tight. 8. Finish. If this doesn't work the first time, try again. It is fast, simple, and pretty. You will look natural and stylish at the same time. It also doesn't need too much time to make, and even a hairbrush is not necessary. You can do it everywhere and every time for every occasion.
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