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Hair Bow/Accessory Organizer Ideas

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-02
As working adults, staying organized is one area in our busy lives is easier said than done. Trying to keep our small children's rooms organized is another story in itself. For those of us with little girls, I've got a few great idea's on how to at least keep her hair bows and hair clips neat and organized. There are several types of hair bow holders/organizers to choose from. Depending on your preference, you can go with something pretty simple like the ring with ribbon attached, or the bigger ones made from an art canvas board, to the picture frame holder. Again, it's your personal preference. If you don't have a huge number of clips and bows to keep organized, the ring/ribbon holder will do the job just fine. With that style you will have a great selection of ribbon colors to choose from. That way, if you're trying to match the decor of her room, you'll have no problem finding the right color combination. For the little princess with a dresser drawer packed full of hair bows, you may want to go with the bigger bow holder. One of the bigger choices would be the holder made from an art canvas board. They will vary in size to accommodate a lot of different size hair bows, and will hold a large number of bows as well. One advantage to this type organizer is that it can be hung from either a closet door or on the bedroom wall. You will also have a good choice of ribbon colors to choose from with all of the hair bow holders. So, depending on the color of the room, you're sure to find a color scheme to match. Another great choice, and one that is very popular and decorative, is the picture frame organizer. Again, depending on how many hair clips you have, you can find this style in a variety of different sizes to accommodate your needs. This style is simply made from a picture frame without the glass. In place of the glass, you have a colorful backdrop with strands of ribbon draped across the front to clip all of your little ones hair accessories too. Like the canvas style, you can either set the frame on a dresser like you would a picture, or simply hang it from the wall. Whether your little girl has a large or small quantity of hair accessories, your sure to find the right organizer that both you and your little one will adore. Not only will you be able to keep all of her hair bows, and clips right at your finger tips, but, you will be making a decorative addition to her room as well.
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