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Hair Affair

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-16
With Hayley snapping your every move from getting dressed until the party finishes, having a bad hair day is not an option. Whether you aspire to a traditional, modern, casual or off-the-wall interpretation of the blushing bride you should aim to look like an A-list celebrity version of yourself and not arrive under the Chuppah or at the alter virtually unrecognisable. The real secret of looking beautiful on your big day is to relax and keep it simple. A trial run with the dress, veil or headdress, hair and make-up worn together are essential and best staged a couple of months before the wedding just in case they don't mesh as envisaged and you need to rethink The shape of the neckline of your dress is key when considering your hairstyle. With strapless gowns almost anything goes as far as wearing hair up or down, as the issue of obscuring some detail of the dress with cascading curls doesn't arise. High necklines and halter-necks will work best with hair-ups, bobs or short styles. A sleek chignon is a timeless and elegant way to wear long hair without being too over the top and overpowering. Anything too contrived or cutting edge will date really quickly which is not ideal if your wedding day portraits are to be displayed prominently on the mantelpiece for years to come. Whatever your chosen hair do, try introducing some interesting detail, such as flowers or bejewelled slides to make it a real winner. One of the most common mistakes that brides make with their hair on the big day is believing that the hair comb, which usually comes attached to the veil, will hold it in place all day it won't! Make sure your chief bridesmaid has an emergency kit with a small can of hairspray and a few hair grips to keep your hair under control all day long. If you're getting married outdoors or on a beach, it's best to go with a style that works with the elements, rather than against them. Anything heavily styled will look too stiff and contrived so go for a wavy look instead. In our experience, many hair dressers are inexperienced when it comes to wedding hair. A style that looks beautiful in the mirror when getting dressed, but within a couple of hours is limp or flat just won't make the grade. Ask for recommendations from friends who have recently got married, and in particular whether their hairstyle lasted all day. For years we have recommended Tina Maynard to our brides for their hair, but for various reasons she has decided to take a break from the wedding circuit for the time being. Another hairdresser who we have worked with regularly is Alan, and he can be contacted on 07885 361600.
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