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Go Go Karting in Bangalore

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-17
Do you feel the need for speed? Driving fast excites you? Then Karting is something you must try! Karting is a very exciting and it is an activity that you must take up if you are in Bangalore! Bangalore has many Karting arenas; this is a list of a few of them- Patels Inn Resort- RT Nagar Grips Gokarting- Mysore Road Dirtmania- Kanakpura Road Torq03 Karting Track- Marathalli Amazing karting Club & Resort- Kanakpura Some of these go-karting areas are far away and some closer by, for instance Patels Inn Resort is about 5 kilometers away from RT Nagar, reaching there would take a lot of time. Grips Go Karting, Dirtmania and Amazing Karting Club and Resort, all three of them are close by for Southern Bangaloreans. I have gone to all of them except Patels Inn Resort, Torq03 is the best! It is open 7 days a week till 10 in the night, they have over 30 different karts and the tracks are changed every now and then so you don't get used to driving on the same track. The track is the longest in Bangalore I was told that it over 500 meters! Now comes the part every racer would want to know, what facilities they offer are! There is a timer in each kart, so you will know clearly your time, so you can compete with your team members, floodlights so even if you go in the dark you would be able to see the track, music systems LCD TV sets and the list goes on and on. The track is about 20 feet wide, the surface is asphalt so no potholes! The quality of the track is amazing; the barrier system is of three tiers, so you do not need to worry. Safety features includes fire extinguishers and first aid kits. Drifting enthusiasts would love this track the hair pin bends the curves all of which is best suited for a drift challenge! The length of the track makes it even better, so you can actually experiment around and learn how to drift too. A 7 lap track so it is long and you can enjoy driving around the track, I would suggest you to go with a whole bunch of friends so that you have more amount of fun! Race to see who is the best in your group! Those of you who want to learn this track is the best, with the wide varieties of cars and the long track you can learn easily. Did you know that all the Formula One drivers started with go-karting at a very young age, so you teens out there, this is your chance! On the plus side if you are a pro at it, this track would be a good change of scene for you. The common question many people ask is that at what age I can start, I would say you can start early, but to enjoy it the most be in your twenties, the sheer thrill of go-karting such as this one is amazing. Plus, you get to drive it quite a long while as well, so it is fun! This is a nice change out of all the other activities that you can choose from in Bangalore. So if you find all this interesting do go and visit Torq03 at Marathalli, Bangalore. The experience was amazing; I would willingly go there every week! The area is good and it is not too far away, the food is also sumptuous. In the night the track looks more exciting, but be careful enjoy it more!
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