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Give My Mother Perfect Gift For Mother's Day

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-04
Give My Mother Perfect Gift For Mother's Day My mother is fifty years old; she is a laborious farmer. I have not seen her for a long time and I miss her very much. Mothers'days coming, I decide to go home and I want to give her my present. Ashamed, I don't know my mother's body shape because I want to give her a dress. So, I have to change my mind. When thinking, I see my jewelry on my hand. This jewelry was given by my husband. It let me remember the childhood memories. When I was a child, my family was not rich; there were several children who need to be brought up. My mother had to do a lot of farm works no matter how the weather was. But she did up my hair every morning, and put the beautiful bobby pins on my hair. She titivated me a beautiful girl. So happy I was when I went to school. My classmates were envious to me because I had a delicate bowknot adorning my hair. Confidently, I studied hard. I knew that was my mother's biggest will. The bowknot is on my mind all the time. I thank my mother for giving me a confidence when I need. She always knows what I need every time. She understands my heart and she is my best friend whenever. Think of this, I decide to buy fashion jewelry - a necklace for my mother; I want to dress her with a perfect accessory and give her a beauty, look the picture Mothers are the most important people to us. When we grow up, they are old. Let us requite them by our sincere love in time. We should give them the beauty and confidence when we can, although they are no young. We all hope them happier. I wish the present can represent my love and I wish my dear mother will like my present.
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