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Girls' Princess Dress-Up Games

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-26
Becoming a princess is just one of the many fantasies that occupy most little girls' imaginations. Putting on a frilly dress, costume jewelry and a sparkly tiara can make a little girl feel like royalty. Online dress up games also spark a girl's imagination by letting her outfit a virtual doll in an endless combination of princess looks. Strawberry Princess Dress-Up Tops, skirts, tiaras and shoes--all decorated with strawberries--make up the clothing and accessories in this free online game. Players must drag accessories or clothing from the closet onto the princess's body. Long pink gowns, pink opaque tights, and strawberry-printed skirts are just some of the items from which players can choose. They can click on the 'Tips' button to reveal sample outfits, if they need ideas. When players are satisfied with their creations, they can click on the 'Show' button to see the decked strawberry princess in her bedroom. Disney Princess Magical Dress-Up Aimed at girls ages 5 and up, this game is available for Windows-based computers. Game play begins when the player chooses a Disney Princess--Ariel, Jasmine, or Belle--to be her guide. She then creates her model by selecting the hair, body and skin. Her next step is to visit the secret tower to dress-up her model. Only a handful of clothing items are available at the beginning of the game; to unlock more items, she must visit her Disney Princess guide's hideaway to search for additional clothing and accessories. To find the hidden items, she must solve the Disney Princess's puzzles and decipher her riddles. Punk Princess Show This free online game provides an edgy twist, using dark colors, skulls and wild hairstyles for dressing-up, as opposed to using the traditional princess attire. Players get to choose from striped leggings, torn pants, blue-and-pink streaked hair, and neon-colored mini skirts. The princess tiaras include traditional crowns, as well as skull-adorned tiaras. To share the finished punk princess outfit, players can make use of the option to email the look to friends. Options to randomize looks, change the backdrop and remove all the clothes are also available. Noble Princess Dress-Up Another free online game, this one has players help a princess figure out her entire look: from her hair, down to her shoes. Hair choices include traditional looks, like a blonde bun and brunette braids, to more unconventional choices such as long blue hair. Dresses include an array of sparkly ballgowns. When finished, pressing the 'Show' button reveals the player's princess, dressed in her selections, standing in a serene field.
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