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Girls Are Preparing For Their New Semester

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-24
Now that it's time to say bye to boring uniforms, city girls who passed out of schools are spending heavily to spot a new look with trendy dresses and other fashion accessories as they prepare to enjoy 'the freedom the colleges offer'. Preparing for their first day in college shortly, girls are busy updating their wardrobes as per the latest fashion. No doubt, branded clothes are the first choice of city's Gen X and they are busy having a 'dekko' at all the stocks available at reputed apparel stores like Levis, Reebok, Wills etc. But those who have got admission in colleges with dress code- suit only- they are opting for mix and match items available at Fab India or Big Bazaar. In fabrics, cotton rules the buyer's list of preference with no competition. Cotton tunics and capripants are a hotshot for everyone. Well-fitted jeans are a staple in all wardrobes. And this season worn-out jeans are also in demand along with cotton shirts, frocks-tops and tunics. Keeping it more stylish, girls are also buying hares, Capri pants and shorts. A lot of side bags, with chain straps, are hot among girls. Bags made of cane, jute and rexine are also in. for hand bags and clutches, Patna Market is the first stop for city chicks, where no deal is done without a hard bargain. Smriti Jha, while out on a shopping spree there said, 'those who know the art of bargaining can buy more stuff with the same amount of money. Girls are paying no less attention to buying accessories like a pair of bronze earrings and silver toe rings, bright-colored wooden bangles, funky rings and long chains, hair bands etc. though fashion of feathers, hats and caps are trendy in metros, they have not arrived here yet. When it comes to stylish sunglasses, aviators and oversized sunglasses are the must-have for the girls. They always come in different colors, shapes and sizes. You have to choose a pair according to your needs. Not limited to just clothes and accessories, students are also adding a dash of color to their look by buying bright nail paint with floral prints as nail art is the latest trend. Besides, the bright shades of eyeliners, lipsticks, mascara, blushers are also in demand.
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